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  1. Commodore Swab

    Thinking about a build, Rev war 8" Howitzer

    I'm thinking about a new build, does anyone out there have any pictures of preferably the detail for a 1700's 8 inch howitzer? This is the gun . . .
  2. Commodore Swab

    WANTED Pair of 44 revolvers

    If anybody has or knows of where a friend of mine might find a pair of revolvers I would be interested.
  3. Commodore Swab

    Testing a lock

    Not something I do on all locks but when tuneing and tweaking locks should some desire a reliable lock this is how it goes: Install clean ready lock in vise and prime Fire the lock igniting the powder. and reprime without cleaning and attempt to fire again. To pass the test is 20 test...
  4. Commodore Swab

    Alafia 2021

    Anyone going? Im trying to sort out stuff now
  5. Commodore Swab

    WANTED Anybody have a lemat they want to part with?

    Looks like the title says it all.
  6. Commodore Swab

    New howitzer

    I picked up a new howitzer (2.25 bore) and will need to make a new limber box and implements. To save time is there anyone producing a proper worm for a good price? I believe I should be able to use a thick nap roller for my swabs unless someone has a better idea. Any suggestions for a vent...
  7. Commodore Swab

    Something Large

    A long time ago I took one of the last pieced of bronze shaft and machined a barrel. It has been sitting without a home for a long time. While building a Spanish carbine for a friend I accidentally set the top jaw down in the shop and couldn't find it. While on a time constraint rather...
  8. Commodore Swab

    Making figure "pop"

    I was just wondering if anybody has worked with making figure pop in cherry like maple. Will you get similar results with aqua fortis or is there a better method?
  9. Commodore Swab

    Beginning work on hand cannon number 2

    It will be a long road to completion but thought you might like to see. I am building a second hand cannon, the first was dubbed "The Cannonbuss" and was a 1 inch bore. This one has a howitzer bore 1.5" barrel, 1" breech to help lighten it a little. It is cast vertical and then bored out of...
  10. Commodore Swab

    Just for fun, ghost pic at the night watch in St Augustine last weekend.

    Sometimes it's fun to play with a camera
  11. Commodore Swab

    SOLD For Christmas India Murdoch

    Totally reworkred Indian built Murdoch. This is a very reliable lick contrary to the norm. Pictures upon request $500
  12. Commodore Swab

    FOR SALE For Christmas Queen Anne

    Brass frame, 50 cal rifled built from a rifle shoppe kit, maple stock. Pictures upon request. $1600
  13. Commodore Swab

    Anyone else working on a Ferguson?

    Well the title says it all. I will be starting one very soon, I already have all the parts.
  14. Commodore Swab

    FOR SALE For Christmas Blunderbuss

    The blunderbuss is a short custom piece done in German silver (white bronze) including the barrel on a maple stock. $2000 The gun has passed my inspection of 90% reliability for 20 shots with no misfires. Pictures upon request
  15. Commodore Swab

    So what does $950 plus shipping buy you?

    Fresh in from The Rifle Shoppe I thought some might like to see just what you do "get" The lock and springs are cast, lock screws are blanks so be prepared to cut your own threads. On this piece the only marking on the...
  16. Commodore Swab

    A longer project. double barrel single lock individual firing

    I shall be building an over under Spanish piece on a Ripoll style stock. The lock is a miquelet with a sliding pan. The lock has 2 pans, one is over the other so that after the first shot is fire the pan is opened for the second shot. It will be made as a carbine smooth bore. I welcome...
  17. Commodore Swab

    First attempt at a pewter nose cap

    Most everything I do is early enough that it does not require a nose cap. However, this very early conversion did have one (the original) so I've attempted to try to pour one. There is still a bit of shaping to do but I think its turned out pretty decent.
  18. Commodore Swab

    A little help from the young one.

  19. Commodore Swab

    Early wheellock conversion rifle

    Starting work on a new piece.
  20. Commodore Swab

    Double barrel Volley gun (14 barrels)

    I found this picture and haven't found any other information. Maybe somebody else knows something.