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  1. SamTex1949

    Old ML shooters in early TV programs

    Just watched an old episode of the "Lone Ranger" 1950 titled "The Star Witness". Early in the show LR and Tonto retrieve a ML shooter found and return to a boy at his farm house. You see him carry it off but can only tell it looks like a ML, Octagon barrel (.45cal or larger), ramrod , half stock...
  2. SamTex1949

    Charge of the Light Brigade

    Been watching the 1936 movie "The Charge of the Light Brigade" and with the wonderful technology of DVR etc I paused to see what the different rifles/muskets all characters were using. The I can say where a large lot of trapdoor rifles and carbines ended up! Some even doctored to look like...
  3. SamTex1949

    "The Kentuckian"

    Caught this old movie (1955) with Burt lancaster. the story is about A Kentucky widower bound for 1820's Texas with his young son is thwarted in his efforts by a corrupt constable, a long-standing family feud, and a beautiful indentured servant. This picture shows Burt Lancaster was a much...
  4. SamTex1949

    Davy Crockett, Indian Scout

    Was spinning the dial and came across this old B/W Movie released 1950. So I wasted some time and watched this. About the only thing even close to correct was his name from there nuttin ! Davy is sporting a colt revolver and Trapdoor rifle, not even faked to look like any ML ! All the other...
  5. SamTex1949

    Herter's Long Grain Rice?

    Ok, I know this doesnt go back into the 19th century but while cleaning out my folk's kitchen cabinets i came across this can ! have tried searching it out on the NET but so far only found one listed on Ebay and that's it !
  6. SamTex1949

    H&A .45cal Target Rifle

    Just received a .45cal Rifle, Hopkin an Allen. I realize they took Old 45/70 Trapdoors and converted them into ML shooters. The Stock, Lock, and hardware are all Trapdoors fare with a .45cal barrel breeched with a Musket style plug/bolster with musket nipple. Id like to find more info on the...