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  1. oldhunter1954

    Iron butt plate help

    Please see attached photos. I assume I would need to inlet this stock so that the butt plate is flush with the wood. Seems like a lot of work with a chisel. How do you guys do it? Thanks for the help, JD
  2. oldhunter1954

    trigger guard help

    My first time doing a stock on my own. The stock and the furniture is from Pecatonica River Long Rifle Supply. Pecatonica inletted for the barrel and the lock. Please look at the trigger guard. This is how it is shown on their website. Now that I have inletted for it it seems that it is...
  3. oldhunter1954

    FOR SALE 20 gauge custom fowler barrel

    Rice 20 gauge custom fowler barrel 32” long with a 1 1/16” breech. Profile is from an original English fowler by the name of Dolep. This is a smooth bore with no choke. It weighs 2 1/4 pounds. I paid $300. Willing to accept fair offers. I have paypal, or check or ?
  4. oldhunter1954

    Rice Muzzle Loading Barrel Company - Amazing

    Jason at Rice Muzzle Loading Barrel Company Just want to say how professional and helpful he is. I sent an email to Jason Schneider looking for a smoothbore shotgun barrel. Received a prompt reply that he had a 20 gauge custom fowler 32” long with a 1 1/16” breech. Profile is from an original...
  5. oldhunter1954

    WITHDRAWN percusion 12 gauge shotgun

    I would prefer a 12 gauge double barreled shotgun. Pedersoli or Navy Arms shotgun in the $400 to $500 range. Open to others offers.
  6. oldhunter1954

    Smooth bore barrel wait

    I have been searching for aTrade Gun - Smoothbore - Octagon to Round barrel - 20 Ga 36 inch. I have noticed that most places have extremely limited stock on smooth bore barrels. I see a 3 - 9 month lead time to get a barrel from most of the reputable sources. For us uninformed types, If I order...
  7. oldhunter1954

    lead shot from from Rotometals

    I purchased West Coast Magnum Lead Shot from Rotometals. Just curious if I need a protective cup to protect a smooth bore barrel from this type of shot. Info from Rotometals - - - - Our graphite-coated, high-antimony Magnum Lead Shot (American Standard) has the equivalent hardness factor of 3-...
  8. oldhunter1954

    25 Yards - 100 yards more powder ?

    I have a 54 caliber colonial. I have been shooting 25 yards. I am getting good groups with 75 grains of 2f, .530 ball and lubed patch. Does this mean I am good for 50 yards or 100 yards? I realize the ball will drop at the longer distance. But do you guys load more powder to shoot 100 yards.
  9. oldhunter1954

    20 gauge; C weight barrel - barrel nomenclature

    Is there a cheat sheet on barrel nomenclature. Looking at barrels. I understand 20 gauge but not sure about C weight. Thanks so much as I am a smooth bore newbie.
  10. oldhunter1954

    Black Powder fouling in 54

    I have a 54 caliber and need to swab the barrel between every shot. Most of the time it takes 2 cleaning patches. I am using 80 grains of GOEX 2F with .530 round ball and 0.018 lubed ticking patch. The time that I did not swap the barrel the ball got stuck about 5 inches in and I had to use a...
  11. oldhunter1954

    Flintlock Rifle for plinking for fun

    Just curious if it's worth buying a 50 cal flintlock rifle kit. I really want to build a kit just not positive I have the expert wood working skills. I just looked at some kits from Jim Chambers. Favorite was the Early York Pennsylvania Rifle. Any help or ideas are appreciated.