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  1. Snydly

    Failure to fire rate

    Check out Mike Bellevue’s newest video on loading and shooting flintlocks. Makes all of this make sense.
  2. Snydly

    french or english flints

    I use both .. Black English and French amber. The black English last longer and give a great spark. The French amber seem to spark better but tend to be more brittle and I don't get but about 2/3 of the life from them.
  3. Snydly

    Joe Woods Coning Tool

    Anyone tried one of the coning tools that is supposed to do all calibers with one tool?
  4. Snydly

    Wyoming Roll Call

    There is a yearly trap and skeet shoot in Worland each year for us BP shooters. Loads of fun,with great people. It is in the early spring.
  5. Snydly

    Soon to be new to WY

    Welcome from Gillette. Need someone to shoot with,,,,,just look me up.
  6. Snydly

    Best flint

    My go to flints are the black English flints but I really like the French ambers, but they are a little brittle and I don't get as many shots from them.
  7. Snydly

    Strange advise

    Best place to find quality flints from days gone by is to walk the fence line...... the flints would fall out of. the pockets of the mountain men when they crossed the fence..........
  8. Snydly

    Which mold ?

    Have multiple molds of different manufacturers and have not had a problem with any of them in over 45 years of molding bullets. Most are made by Lee and some are over 45 years old. ... still going strong. Buy only Lee nowadays unless there is a bullet that Lee has no mold.
  9. Snydly

    attaching horn to bag

    My bag is on my left side and the horn is on the right. Feels better for me especially when hunting.
  10. Snydly

    Small caliber shooting?

    My .32 is very good out to 50 yards... past that to about 75 is iffy. Must have a good rest. My 36 flintlock is deadly at 100 yards. Past that to about 125+ is iffy at best. Mostly because of my old eyes. With a good rest and all the time in the world and not wind I can do pretty good at 125...
  11. Snydly

    .54 PRB elk load

    I use a PRB with 80gr. of FFg in my 54 caliber flintlock. It is what I recommend but in the past I have gone as small as a .45 PRB for elk in the 70s. Only took shots 50 yards and under. It worked but you better be a good tracker because they don't go down right away.... and it is hard to tell...
  12. Snydly

    Calibers used in the fur trade era

    Speaking from personal experience.... Moose and Grizzly are worlds apart when it comes to getting one down and out.
  13. Snydly

    Lymans GPR in action shooting GLASS...

    How is placing palm on top of the ramrod any different than using a ball starter? I see nothing that he is doing as unsafe.
  14. Snydly

    Can or should you paper patch a Lee REAL bullet?

    R.E.A.L Stands for rifling engaged at loading. This dictates that no patch be used.... otherwise the rifling would not be engaged at loading.
  15. Snydly

    Can't get very back of the barrel clean. Is it a big deal?

    Fouling scraper for your specific caliber
  16. Snydly

    How to carry a long rifle on a horse.

    Don't have horses any more but I always carried my long rifles across my lap. In most cases the horses are smarter than we are and I never had even an inkling of a problem. They balance nicely there and your arms don't get tired.
  17. Snydly

    Broke into black powder yesterday.

    Welcome to the dark side. You lifted your head off the stock at the moment of ignition. Anticipation only works watching coffee boil. LOL. Have fun!
  18. Snydly

    How many shoot bp only?

    BP in my muzzleloaders about 95% But shoot BP cartridge in 45-90 and 38-55 and 20 gauge hammered coach gun. Wife and I shoot modern O/U shotguns for Sporting clays.
  19. Snydly

    Filling a horn?

    Practice more just using your hand. I can fill mine to full capacity and not spill more than 10 kernels at most. Keep tryinging