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  1. olskool

    John V Speak?

    i have saw a couple of well built looking rifles lately on the internet signed buy a builder named John v speak, they appear to have been built in the 60s-70s anybody ever heard of him?
  2. olskool

    was there a "transitional Rifle"

    was there a transitional Rifle bridging of the gap from Germanic Jaeger rifles to what we now call the Kentucky rifle. or is that just fantasy? if so what did they look like?
  3. olskool

    40 SMR zeroed in,,,,,,,,,,,,

    well i have had this 40cal SMR going on 3 years. i never had it sighted in precisely, i always knew where to hold it to shoot a squirrels head off with no problem. well yesterday i took my time with it and zeroed it in off the bench at 50yds. the group on the right is playing around with the...
  4. olskool

    anything close to Kibler ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    i know Kibler is well respected. and Jim has made a big splash with his kits, and they are well liked and very nice. but is anybody making a kit as good as his is in regard to them being as close to a finished gun as his is, and with the quality? just curious,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  5. olskool

    i need a little help on solder,,,,,,,,,,

    i took my barrel out of my TVM southern rifle just to check things out and clean. the front barrel tenon was off. they silver solder them on the barrel. i have never seen that done. i have always saw them dove tailed. anyway i need to solder it back. what is the best silver solder to use for...
  6. olskool

    southern civil war fighting knife? maybe,,,,,,,,,,,

    i posted this knife on here a while back, i believed it to be a southern fighting knife from the civil war. with help from a couple of friends i have had it authenticated. it was taken to the civil war relic show near me in Charleston SC and authenticated by 2 knife experts of knives of that...
  7. olskool

    seasoned my cast iron pot today,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    She is a # 12 wash pot. i just picked this up from a fellow flintlock shooter and SC man known on here as "mulebrain" . the pot came from our state, the 2 gate marks indicate it was made before 1899, and i really don't think it was ever used, oh but it will be! i can see a pot of new years day...
  8. olskool

    dyeing frock help,,,,,,,,,,,

    i have a natural color new rifleman's frock. i would like to dye it some natural way. i was thinking about coffee or tea. dose anyone have experience doing this? help is apprecheated,,,,,,,,,,
  9. olskool

    looking for sash for rifleman's frock

    i am looking for a sash for a rifleman's frock i have ordered. where is a good place to buy one?
  10. olskool

    range rod

    who makes the best range rod?
  11. olskool

    SOLD Jaeger for sale,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    well i am still trying to sell my Steve Zihn jaeger. i put it on here a while back and had a trade deal but the deal fell through, so i never got rid of it. now i am Leary of trades that are not face to face , but i would consider a trade if you have something of equal value. but what i am...
  12. olskool

    swaged lead balls

    Does anybody make/sell .600 swaged RB? i shoot swaged RB in my 54 cal. and verses my hand cast the swaged balls are hard to beat. i would like to try some swaged in my 62 cal. but i see none available,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  13. olskool

    two groove riffling?

    i mentioned over on the ALR forum. has anybody ever heard of a 2 groove muzzleloader barrel? i haven't, but i think it would work good. they have used them for decades on cartridge rifles and now they even make match barrels with them. i have a friend that is a match shooter and he says they...
  14. olskool

    correct French Fusil Fin de Chase Type C

    what would a correct fusil fin de chase type c look like? did any originals ever correctly have a rear sight? or just front sight, i saw one on line and just wonder if it is correct or if it is just a personal interpretation,,,,,,,,,,,,
  15. olskool

    SOLD Jaeger for sale,,,,,,,,,,

    this is my jaeger. it has a 62cal. 31in Colerain barrel that is perfect. i believe it has Davis triggers and lock. this gun is very accurate and lightning fast. most of the time it will shoot one big hole from the bench at 50yds. with .18 ticking and RB and 80gr. of 2F goex. it has a couple of...
  16. olskool

    muzzle work help

    i need some advice. i have one of my 62 Cal rifles i want to open the rifling a little bit at the muzzle. i don't want to cone it, the ball will start a little better and it will look cool also. i have saw photos but i have never done one. i assume it is done with a sandpaper wrapped dowel. any...
  17. olskool

    i have a question and video,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    in this video is "capandball" you that know him know that he is knowledgeable and makes great videos. he is loading his jaeger with 70gr. of swiss 2f and then on top of that 30gr. of filler to increase the volume, why? i have never heard of doing that in a muzzleloader, just metallic...
  18. olskool

    shooting my 54 southern rifle,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    my wife snapped this a few minutes ago as i cleared my TVM 54cal.southern rifle. she got it on her phone! amazing how good they are! i used to be a part time professional 30 years ago and back then this was tricky with a good 35mm camera. my gun has a Bob roller lock that is super fast. this...
  19. olskool

    how did the long hunters clean there guns,,,,,,,,,,,

    i woke up this morning half dreaming, wondering how did the long hunters and even frontiersman who were on the road or trail clean there guns? did they clean them as much as we do today?
  20. olskool

    shooting my jaeger,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    yesterday my wife took a photo of me shooting one of my 62 Jaeger flintlocks. 90 gr. of 2F ol eynsford and a PRB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,