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  1. Rodd Boyer

    Kibler kit assembly and carving

    Nothing short of a work of art!!!!
  2. Rodd Boyer

    LYMAN GPR Users Unite and tell us your story

    I have 3 GPRs.... two in .54 and a .50... all flintlocks. In the .54s, I use 80gr of Swiss fffg and .018 pillow ticking and the .50 likes 60 gr of the same.
  3. Rodd Boyer

    First shots from the .50 cal Kibler

    Looks like you're well on your way! Good shooting!
  4. Rodd Boyer

    Finished Kibler Colonial #2.

    Thats good to hear! I surely DO love the look of cherry... Thanks for your input!
  5. Rodd Boyer

    Finished Kibler Colonial #2.

    I've read that it has a tendency to be a real bear to work with.
  6. Rodd Boyer

    Finished Kibler Colonial #2.

    I love the look of cherry, but some posts have scared me enough not to try a rifle project with it. You did a FINE job with it!
  7. Rodd Boyer

    .45 caliber RB enough for deer?

    . 440 ball and 50 gr of Swiss. No complaints here!
  8. Rodd Boyer

    Hello everyone!

    Oof, I said hammer spring. I meant main spring! My apologies! Rodd
  9. Rodd Boyer

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome from Missouri! My 1851 would jam up when I'd try to thumb back the hammer.... I would have to let the hammer back down and thumb it back a second time almost every time. All I had to do was adjust the hammer spring under the grip a little bit. Now it works as it should. Good luck...
  10. Rodd Boyer


    I get my powder from Graf and sons out of Mexico, Missouri. There's other vendors that normally stock it, but I've had no trouble getting it from Graf. They have an "email me when back in stock" option. Good luck, shoot straight and God bless, Rodd
  11. Rodd Boyer

    Kibler 58 Finished.

    You done good! Thanks for showing it off!
  12. Rodd Boyer

    The Superstition Of Gifting A Knife, Is It Real?

    The movie "The edge" with Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin and BIG bear addressed the same ritual....
  13. Rodd Boyer

    Choosing a caliber/barrel for a flintlock

    No,I did not build it. Got it from a fellow member from Georgia.
  14. Rodd Boyer

    Choosing a caliber/barrel for a flintlock

    .440 round ball and green mountain barrel. Its won 1 match and a 3rd place finish. Nothing wrong with a .45!
  15. Rodd Boyer

    Best flint

    Looks like a good start
  16. Rodd Boyer

    Best flint

    I use chert in my flintlocks... from .36 to .54. They all like them just fine! Welcome from the western side of the state!
  17. Rodd Boyer

    Two Feathers Does It Again

    Thats GOOD for us! Keep up the exceptional work Dave! God bless, Rodd
  18. Rodd Boyer

    Putting food on the table with primitive weapons

    Nice shooting Darren! Enjoy that tasty meat! God bless, Rodd
  19. Rodd Boyer

    Kibler Colonial Kit Assembled

    WOW! Your work on that is impeccable! Nice job!