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  1. Larry (Omaha)

    Support-hand burn

    A cup under the nipple should help as Dale said. Shoot flintlock and the cap fragments will be non existent. If you are worried about the flash, it goes horizontal. Most shoot using the forearm. I know one shooter who is always in the winning uses his non trigger arm almost fully extended...
  2. Larry (Omaha)

    Plugging muzzle for browning

    Question: Are you going to brown the barrel without the back sight on? If so, what type of sight finish are you planning? Thanks Larry
  3. Larry (Omaha)

    Modifying a lock

  4. Larry (Omaha)

    Eye protection

    Your choice, but why not? If you choose to protect your eyes on the range, why not hunting? Help me understand the logic. Not telling you what to do, just curious. Granted there is less shooting when hunting, so less risk, but it only takes one time. I know of two fellow workers who lost...
  5. Larry (Omaha)

    What's in your powder horn

    First of all, powder is not just for percussion. 😂 (U posted in Percussion versus SHOOTING ACCESSORIES) My friend, please include us flint shooters! Mine is empty until I go shooting. I prefer GOEX 2F and 4F. Larry
  6. Larry (Omaha)

    Wedge Pins falling out on a GPR - Using an Arbor Press to tighten

    You are correct, my bad. I am a poor reader, and tend to scan over. It is still overkill to me, for either lug or key. Thanks for setting me straight. Larry
  7. Larry (Omaha)

    Wedge Pins falling out on a GPR - Using an Arbor Press to tighten

    Sounds like overkill to me. If you know your press well and can do a gentle move, go for it. No doubt it will bend a wedge pin! Larry
  8. Larry (Omaha)

    TC peep sight ?

    Photo will help Larry
  9. Larry (Omaha)

    Fall Shoot, Jefferson Iowa, 9/17,18,19, 2021 (photos)

    ANNUAL FALL SHOOT SEPTEMBER 17, 18, 19, 2021 Camp opens Thursday (Sept. 16) Modern and Primitive Range Opens 9:00 Friday Last Targets Sold 10:00 Sunday – Last Relay 1:00 Sunday Traditional - No Re-Entry, Patched Round Ball, Open Sights Aggregate (Men, Women and Youth) Percussion, Flintlock...
  10. Larry (Omaha)

    Goex 4F out of Stock

    3F will work, but Buffalo Arms seems to have it. Larry
  11. Larry (Omaha)

    WANTED 3 Foot stave of osage orange to make a crossbow

    Looking for a stave that is seasoned and ready to make into a crossbow. I want something that can be made into a 60 + - draw weight Larry
  12. Larry (Omaha)

    How many ram rods?

    Each rifle or my shotgun have their own RR. I have 5 extra range rods for various calibers. I don't hunt so the range rods are usually the only ones I use. Larry
  13. Larry (Omaha)

    Yet another question that has me baffled . . .

    You are quoting me! In that context you are telling the forum to go horizontal. I have a feeling you are not. Respectfully, I do not care what anyone says about me storing my long guns. They will be stored the way I prefer. Thanks for the post. Larry
  14. Larry (Omaha)

    Yet another question that has me baffled . . .

    My guess is because gun safe manufacturers are thinking unmentionables, not muzzleloaders. A cartridge gun will still go boom if there is oil on the breech face. I don't worry about storage anyway, cuz I want my rifles hung horizontal on display. (Level) Been doing that since the 70s. Keep...
  15. Larry (Omaha)

    How much gun weight can I lose

    My second build in the 70s was a Kentucky style flintlock longrifle. It has 44" long X 1" Golden Age 54 cal barrel. I shot that for years until it started taxing my effort to hold steady. I went through a similar thought process as you to compensate weight. Same issue, it would mess up the...
  16. Larry (Omaha)

    Cap and Ball Pistol Accuracy

    I am not what you call a seasoned cap and ball shooter, but to make mine shoot well I use a snuggle up method. Place your trigger hand up as high as you can, and your wrist straight. The web of your thumb will be against the hammer. I do not shoot two handed as all the matches I ever...
  17. Larry (Omaha)

    Lousy shooting!

    WTG Brit! You are looking at the hunt with the wrong attitude.:eek: Not lousy shooting at all!! You just needed a practice shot for each bird. 😂 Love that photo of the field and trees. Larry
  18. Larry (Omaha)

    help with hearing problem

    Do you wear glasses? Those are a PIA too. It is sooooooo nice to see though. Same with hearing! One forgets how good it is to hear what someone is saying. Besides there are other benefits: Mine has a wife button.(ON OFF) 😂 Larry
  19. Larry (Omaha)

    help with hearing problem

    Thanks for the help, I did not realize my stupidity.:doh:😂😂
  20. Larry (Omaha)

    help with hearing problem

    I have Beltone hearing aids and they are controlled via bluetooth. My cell phone is connected to the hearing aids. When shooting I can turn the volume down a little and then wear shooting protective muffs. Taking them in and out is a total pain in the arse. Larry