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  1. painter

    Log in issue

    I was trying to post a reply to a thread on my laptop and kept getting an error message. I figured I'd try logging out and see if clearing cookies, and logging back in would solve the problem. When I tried to log in on my laptop I get an error message. 'The requested user could not be found.'...
  2. painter

    My Kibler SMR is shipping

    Ordered on March 19. Got an email saying it was ready to ship. I'll probably build it this coming winter, but we'll see. Regardless, I'm excited.
  3. painter

    Mainspring vise

    In anticipation of my Kibler build, I'm accumulating the necessary tools and I figured I need a mainspring vise. Looking on TOW they list two, one being twice the price. Is it worth the extra $$ or is the less expensive, less fancy, one adequate to remove main, and frizzen springs...
  4. painter

    Unknown powder horn

    I bought a lot at an auction, and this little gem was included. It's a ship scene. I want to keep it to use. The rest of the lot isn't impressive. There's no attachment on the large end, and no plug on the small end. Anyone have any thoughts, or information?
  5. painter

    Well...I did it.

    Ordered a Kibler SMR in .45 cal, fancy Maple. I've never built a rifle before, or finished a piece of wood besides a ramrod with Watco. What could go wrong? 😁
  6. painter

    Permalyn or Tried and True

    I'm going to order an SMR from Kibler. Do I want to order the Permalyn sealer that Jim sells, or Tried and True? If Tried and True, which mix? TIA...
  7. painter

    Hopkins & Allen Pistol

    I recently picked up a H&A under hammer pistol in what I thought was 45 caliber as a shooting buddy has one in 45 and I really enjoyed shooting it because the under hammer design was intriguing. The barrel has no caliber markings. It needed a new nipple, on order, so while I'm waiting I started...
  8. painter

    Pemi Primitive Biathlon

    Mark your calendars for Feb 20. The Pemi Valley Fish & Game Club in Holderness, NH is holding our primitive biathlon. Many have been asking if Pemi will be holding an event this year. Pemi will be having a Black Powder Primitive Biathlon/Woods Walk type modified event on Saturday, February 20...
  9. painter

    This Muzzle loading is really FUN

    I bought a 50 cal Transitions on this site a couple of months ago. Have been having a lot of fun shooting it, and learning from experience. I decided I needed a 45 cal, and watched an online auction for a TC Hawken in 45 for the last month. It became mine today. I haven't seen it yet, looked as...
  10. painter

    Two Feathers...yet again

    So, after patiently, sort of, waiting for the USPS to deliver 4 days late, I'm sitting here at a computer trying to come up with new/different words to describe a knife and sheath made the 'old fashioned way', and a vendor that treats you like a friend. I have to admit that I'm having trouble...
  11. painter

    1842 Austrian musket

    My wife owns a family heirloom Austrian 70 cal musket that's in pretty decent shape. It looks much like this one except it has a cheek piece on the stock, and there is no ramrod because my wife broke it as a little girl using it as a sword. The barrel has most of it's bluing except for near the...
  12. painter

    New member from central New Hampshire and new to BP

    I go by painter because that's what I did for a large part of my work career, and that's what they called me at work, but you can cal me Nate. I got the urge to try muzzleloaders after being an RSO at our clubs 'Primitive Biathlon'. Everyone was having so much fun. I started looking for rifles...