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  1. Hatchet-Jack

    Who went to the CLA in Lexington KY?

    I spent the day down at the CLA show today. I'm curious were any of you there? I got to watch Jim finish this SMR in .36 which later one lucky guy one in a raffle. Mike Miller was there displaying some of his works of art. Here's a few pics of some rifles that caught my eye.
  2. Hatchet-Jack

    Trekking in my Kentucky Woods

    I normally come down to my land and work on felling trees for my cabin project, or digging the outhouse hole. Today I decided to just enjoy being in the woods, make a fire, cook some food, forage for mushrooms and do some shooting. I practiced fire starting with my fire glass. I used a thin...
  3. Hatchet-Jack

    My next build Jim Chambers PA Fowler

    I picked up my PA Fowler Kit in .62 cal or 20 gauge from Jim and Barbie Chambers at Friendship. They are wonderful folks. I had the pleasure of having dinner with them over at their camp site one night. This is going to be my squirrel, Turkey and maybe even try to bag a Deer gun. I'll also use...
  4. Hatchet-Jack

    Shooting my Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle

    I spent the day working up a load using a .440 RB over various thicknesses of patches and lubes and Goex 3F. My best group was with 50 grains Goex 3F and .017 cotton drill cloth. I got a 3" group at 25 yards. I know I can get tighter groups. I'm going to try a .445 RB and maybe a .020 patch...
  5. Hatchet-Jack

    CVA Mountain Pistol refinished

    Here's another one I recently refinished. I bought this old CVA Mountain Pistol several years ago. I didn't like the blonde finish on the wood. I finally got around to refinishing the wood and the metal. Here are some before and after pictures. Before After
  6. Hatchet-Jack

    My Jim Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle is done

    My Jim Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle Kit is finally done! I'll be heading to the range tomorrow to try it out with some friends. I've attached pictures for those that are interested. Details: .45 Cal 60" in total 46" Swamped Green Mountain Barrel 1/70 twist Track of the Wolf Toe Plate 13 3/4"...
  7. Hatchet-Jack

    Kibler Southern Mountain rifle kit and supplies arrived. It's going to be a fun build.

    My Kibler Southern Mountain .45 kit arrived yesterday. It's going to be fun building this kit.
  8. Hatchet-Jack

    My Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle Kit is shipping!

    I ordered my SMR kit in .45 with an upgraded "Fancy" maple stock in early December. I just got an email today telling me they are ready to ship it! Below is one of Jim's finished guns. This is the finish I want. I will be using Tannic Acid and Iron Nitrate with some darkened areas using bone...
  9. Hatchet-Jack

    Jim Kibler's bbl rifling process

    Jim Kibler posted this video about his rifle lathe. He shows how he is rifling barrels .40 cal and smaller. Pretty cool!
  10. Hatchet-Jack

    Trekking in Kentucky, foraging, fire kit, and getting over the "flinch"!

    Trekking in Kentucky last Saturday. It was 38 degrees and mostly sunny. I happened upon a downed Ash covered with Turkey Tail Mushrooms so I collected some to be used medicinally. It boosts the immune system and helps the body fight disease and infection. Only do this if you know how to safely...
  11. Hatchet-Jack

    Last of the Mohicans free on Amazon Prime

    I just noticed the movie The Last of the Mohicans is streaming for free for Prime members. Also there is an interesting making of the movie series on YouTube.
  12. Hatchet-Jack

    Where can I buy Nodules for knapping Gun Flints?

    Hi folks! I learned Flint knapping on obsidian as a kid. I would like to try my hand at knapping my own gun flints. Does anyone know where I can buy English Flint large nodules? Dixie Gun Works lists them. Anyone bought theirs...
  13. Hatchet-Jack

    Kibler SMR .45 - What load workup are ya shooting?

    I did another post about my Kit that's on order and asked folks to post pics of there Kibler SMRs. We got a lot of great pics of some beautiful rifles so thanks for those that posted on that one. For this post I want to ask those that have a Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle in .45 what's your...
  14. Hatchet-Jack

    Just ordered a Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle! Please post pics of yours.

    I just pulled the trigger on a Jim Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle .45 Cal kit! It will ship in 2 months. Let's see some pics of your SMR!
  15. Hatchet-Jack

    I want to build a Fowler which kit would you choose?

    This will be used for Squirrel, Turkey and Deer. I want a build that will challenge me to move beyond the CVA, Lyman, Traditions builds. I want to learn inletting but I want to learn progressively, maybe a partially inletted stock for this build, then move to a blank stock for the next one. I...
  16. Hatchet-Jack

    Deer hunt in Kentucky

    The modern rifle hunt has started. I'm presently sitting in my blind with the trusty old Sharon Trade Gun. Hope a big buck walks by!
  17. Hatchet-Jack

    Books and Hardware Supplier suggestions for building Flintlocks?

    I've built some factory kits in my day. I now want to move on to building from a blank stock with no inletting and hardware gathered from sources such as Pecatonica and TOW. I have experience with wood working and metal work so I am confident in my skill set. I may also take a building class at...
  18. Hatchet-Jack

    L&R lock upgrade force needed to full cock

    I recently broke my tumbler on my Sharon Trade Rifle. I sent my lock into L&R and they fixed it with an upgrade kit. They did an excellent job on the lock and provided great service. Due to the new parts it required some material be removed from the lock inletting in order to fit the lock back...
  19. Hatchet-Jack

    .36 Cal Colt Navy - Was this actually made by Colt?

    I bought this pistol from a Gunsmith years ago. I've always assumed this was one of Colt's special editions but it's most likely made by Pietta or another Italian maker. Does anyone know the details on this model? Is it considered to be a quality piece?
  20. Hatchet-Jack

    #11 Caps in stock at Midway

    I don't need any but I know there's been talk of a shortage. I received this notice this morning. Get em while you can boys!