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  1. Diogenes454

    FOR SALE Diamond Willow cane

    One piece eagle head cane. Glass eyes. Made from an Alaskan Diamond Willow tree. Very light and strong. 35". Some nicking on the head of the eagle. Glass? eyes. Pay no attention to the feet.....those belong to my Bride and are not included in the sale. 85.00 shipped
  2. Diogenes454

    FOR SALE Kenneth Wyatt prints

    Mint condition prints dated 75. From the Texas Panhandle Centennial Collection. Titled Satidy night in Tascosa Hide Hunters House Crossing the Sweetwater 150.00 plus S&H
  3. Diogenes454

    FOR SALE Book

    Domestic life in Virginia in the 17th Century...90 pages with pictures. 10.00 shipped
  4. Diogenes454

    Traditional finish for war club

    I've been working on a war club for a while now and am ready to stain and protect the wood. Anyone have any ideas on traditional native American finishes. I've read about heated clays, crushed and mixed with melted fat. My concern is the possibility of it smelling rancid. Any other thoughts or...
  5. Diogenes454

    Cannon from a post Pounder

    The latest issue of the Backwoodsman has a short article in the readers letters by a fella who made a cannon out of a post Pounder. Any have any input? Dangerous or a good idea? Maybe as a signal cannon? TIA
  6. Diogenes454


    Would the round hat ( I believe that's the name) have been worn on the frontier? Seems to me that it would be hard to keep on when running, riding horses or fighting.
  7. Diogenes454

    Any clubs in Eastern Indiana?

    looking for clubs, rendezvous or Black Powder shoots in Eastern Indiana or Western Ohio. Thanks in advance.
  8. Diogenes454

    help on Jaeger

    Picked up a very nice Jaeger rifle...the only marking is on the of Jerry Huckey. anyone ever hear of him? and.... How can I post a picture or two?
  9. Diogenes454

    Anybody make quills?

    How would I go about making quills (fuse) for my cannon? I have some ideas but am not sure. Can I use plastic cocktail straws? Thanks in advance
  10. Diogenes454

    .610 round ball?

    Where is my best ( cheapest ) bet for a quantity of .610 lead round ball? Track of the wolf & log cabin shop are both around 8.00 per 25.....anybody know of a better deal?