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  1. Diogenes454

    FOR SALE IAB Marcheno .54 Sharps w/Patchbox

    It could! If only I had the extra cash! Thanks
  2. Diogenes454

    FOR SALE Diamond Willow cane

    One piece eagle head cane. Glass eyes. Made from an Alaskan Diamond Willow tree. Very light and strong. 35". Some nicking on the head of the eagle. Glass? eyes. Pay no attention to the feet.....those belong to my Bride and are not included in the sale. 85.00 shipped
  3. Diogenes454

    SOLD S Guard Rifleman's Knife

    That is a beautiful knife!
  4. Diogenes454

    SOLD Kentucky pistol .50 cal

    Well done! Nice powder horn too!
  5. Diogenes454

    SOLD Heavy & WIDE Mountain Man Belt

    I'll take it. Per our conversation.
  6. Diogenes454

    WANTED Looking for 1858 Remington revolving carbine

    Saw one on Armslist Indiana...that's all I know
  7. Diogenes454

    FOR SALE Kenneth Wyatt prints

    How about 150 shipped?
  8. Diogenes454

    SOLD Original German Jaeger Rifle 1830s

    Truly a wonderful piece! Maybe I missed it but what caliber? Thanks for sharing!
  9. Diogenes454

    SOLD Indian Libreville Calvary pistol

    Any pics with this pistols in your hand? Are your hands unusually small or large?
  10. Diogenes454

    FOR SALE Kenneth Wyatt prints

    Mint condition prints dated 75. From the Texas Panhandle Centennial Collection. Titled Satidy night in Tascosa Hide Hunters House Crossing the Sweetwater 150.00 plus S&H
  11. Diogenes454

    Fireworks Powder

    There is a CW reenactment here that does a night time cannon shoot. Their is a lot of color in the discharge...I have been told it's fireworks in the barrel, but don't know any details
  12. Diogenes454

    FOR SALE Allen Eckert book collection

    Great books and it's tempting, especially HB...but one in the series is soft cover.