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  1. Rodd Boyer

    Frizzen not opening

    I went to a shoot Sunday with my Tip Curtis .36 flintlock. 15 shots for record and I noticed after about 10 shots my frizzen was not fully opening. The shot would still go, but the frizzen would be resting on top of the flint. I know it was not flipping open and slamming back. After...
  2. Rodd Boyer

    First flintlock kill

    I went out yesterday afternoon and managed to walk up on this buck sleeping/napping in the shade of a picked beanfield. At first I thought maybe someone had shot him and he came onto our property and died as I could tell that his head was on the ground. His legs, however, were up under him...
  3. Rodd Boyer

    Hitting high

    I pulled my .45 flintlock rifle out on Monday for some load development. Tried. 440 and .445 balls with patching from .007 through .017 and charges of 50-75 gr fffg Swiss. All hits were 7-8" high at 50 yards and 5-6" high at 85 yards. Only thing i knew to do was cut a deeper notch in the...
  4. Rodd Boyer

    First Rondy

    My first rendezvous in SW Missouri back in October.