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  1. excess650

    draw filing barrels

    I've just spent 4-6 hours draw filing a 31" swamped barrel. This one looked great as delivered, but as I started draw filing, I noticed that it had "chatter" 4-5" from the breech, from the muzzle, and in the middle. As the file would move across, it would often ring like leaded crystal...
  2. excess650

    Powder flasks

    In that I'm mostly a flintlock rifle shooter, I don't often look at powder flasks, but I purchased 2 "just because". Both were purchased at longrifle shows where the vast majority of longrifles on display were originals, and were priced as I would expect on cheap reproductions. The first stuck...
  3. excess650

    WITHDRAWN Rapine .620 mould

    I have a single cavity Rapine .620 mould superfluous to my needs. I have $50 in it, so will ask the same, USA shipping.
  4. excess650

    Eye opener

    Today was 20 degrees cooler than its been, and overcast, so I thought it a good day to shoot a flintlock. I decided to take my 25 year old early Lancaster built with a large Siler lock and 38" swamped Getz .45. I bought the rifle used 20 years ago, and always loaded it similarly to the...
  5. excess650

    WANTED .590 or .595 roundball mold

    I'm looking for a .590 or .595 roundball mold with sprue cutter. If this is something you have and will sell, contact me directly to discuss details.
  6. excess650

    CLOSED Blackpowder Hunting magazine summer 1998 issue

    I am looking specifically for Blackpowder Hunting magazine, summer 1998 issue "I THINK". There was a Ross Seyfried article regarding Forsyth rifling, pictured was an "ebonized" Purdy percussion rifle, and testing of 2 different barrels on a modern percussion platform. I think the cover was...
  7. excess650

    R E Davis Twigg lock

    Has anyone used, have opinions of, the Davis "Twigg" flintlock? I'm thinking of using one on an English styled rifle, but think the Chambers Late Ketland and similar locks might be on the small side.
  8. excess650

    SOLD Pete Allen boxlock action and stock set

    I bought this action and had wood turned to fit more than 20 years ago and have decided to pull the barrel and sell the action and stock set. This is a Pete Allen boxlock action that attaches to the stock via a throughbolt (included). Threads are 3/4-16. The tenon on the forend slides into a...
  9. excess650

    Big Bore Hunting Rifles

    Big Bore is a relative term, but I'm thinking .58 and larger. My interest was piqued back in the late '90s by a Ross Seyfried article regarding Forsyth rifling in Blackpowder Hunting Magazine. I was interested enough to order a barrel from Bill (?) Moody in Missouri, 30" octagon to round...
  10. excess650

    Snaphaunce with inticate wire and inlays

    Can anyone shed some information on this? Somebody put a tremendous amount of work in the wire and ivory or bone inlays. The lock doesn't hold "cocked postion" and the barrel is very thin at the muzzle. Click on the images to enlarge.
  11. excess650

    WITHDRAWN Lachmiller .454 mould

    I have a never been cast with (must be 50 years old) Lachmiller double cavity roundball mold(iron). It would used on RCBS or Lee handles (not included). $65 shipped
  12. excess650

    WITHDRAWN .54 TC maxi-balls

    I have four sealed boxes of TC .54 maxi-balls in need of a new home. $75 shipped
  13. excess650

    WITHDRAWN tang sight for TC Hawken, Renegade, or others with a flat tang

    The lower sight pictured is for a flat tang like Hawken or Renegade. It folds forward or backward, and is adjustable for elevation by turning the knurled collar ala Lyman or Marbles. It is marked S&M NY H and I don't have mounting screws. $75 shipped
  14. excess650

    WITHDRAWN TC Grey Hawk w/both .50 and .54 barrels

    Grey Hawk photos .54 in the stock, has gold bead front sight and appears polished, .50 has green fiber optic front and appears satin finish, both are pre-QLA so rifling to the muzzle, and the bores are spotless. Both barrels shoot to point of aim at 50 yards with the TC tang sight. The scope...
  15. excess650

    SOLD TC New Englander .50 and 12ga

    Somebody asked, so I'll offer this up. TC New Englander with only minor handling marks. I'm not sure that the .50 barrel has ever been shot, and the 12ga choke tube barrel a little. It patterns very well with 3-4drams ffg under equal volumes of shot. $550 shipped
  16. excess650

    SOLD Thompson Center Tree Hawk 12ga

    I have an excellent TC Tree Hawk shotgun for sale. 28" smoothbore that doesn't take chokes, so can shoot shot or ball. The bore is bright and shiny, and and almost no wear visible anywhere. $375+$25 shipping USPS MO. What looks like it could be rust on the patent breech is actually brown...
  17. excess650

    Bushy Run Gun Show

    I'm a little late in posting this, but the annual Bushy Run Gun Show is today Friday 1/25/19 (10-5?)and tomorrow 1/26/19 at Colton Hall In Claridge, Pa. The show is mostly antique longrifles and fowlers, but there will be some contemporary rifles (and builders) as well as horns and horners.The...