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  1. 1dogdown

    Beaver Bill delivers

    This came yesterday. Workmanship and attention to detail is phenomenal. I am so pleased.To nice for a thrower. Will be a belt hanger for the rondys.Ill find something else to abuse.
  2. 1dogdown

    CLOSED Vintage axe

    Looking for a vintage single bit axe.Weight around 2lbs.19in handle.Stampings have to be clear.Makers True Temper,Plumb,Kelly.Norlund,Collins
  3. 1dogdown

    WANTED Wolf Creek fire striker

    Looking for a Wolf Creek fire striker.
  4. 1dogdown

    WANTED H+B or Beaver Bill Hawk

    I know my chances are slim to none but.I can get the small h+b camp axe as well as a Shawnee.But would like a medium. Waiting to here from Bill on the availability of a standard thrower.If anyone has the above hit me up.Just be fair on price. Thx
  5. 1dogdown

    H+B small camp axe ?

    Only interested in if you have the small.Most all reviews are on the medium.Would like to know how the small stacks up.Will be a belt axe.Used for light camp duties.Some light splitting of deer.Also would it be able to handle an occasional throw and do so good?
  6. 1dogdown

    Brixton tiller hat ?

    Does anyone on here have said hat?Seems to get good reviews from the general public.For those that scrutinize everything I would like your thoughts.
  7. 1dogdown

    Do you need a persona?

    Is a specific persona really necessary?If your just shooting at your local club.Out in your back forty.Or just visiting a rendezvous. But not participating. Do you worry if you have eastern mocs but your out west.Your trousers are from the 1830s not 1760 and so on. Being in Wi.i more than likely...
  8. 1dogdown

    WANTED Buckskin pants

    Looking for a pair of buckskin pants.Or possibly gaiters.Not looking for museum quality.Just a nice utilitarian pair.Size 38x33.Need on the rather quick side.By June 24th. Thx Gar
  9. 1dogdown

    SOLD .44 cal Pendersoli Kentucky flintlock pistol

    This is an early model.Hence the .44 cal.Condition is good.Strong bluing stock is solid.Minor bruises.Bbl is 10in.Again this is a .44 cal.I bought this here like a month ago.Just can't get into it.Will do 365 tyd.Or will include 200 Hornady balls and patches for 400 tyd.Extra weight extra...
  10. 1dogdown

    New mocs

    My mocs from Cheyenne Trading out of MN came today.Wolf did an amazing job.The fit is perfect and very comfortable. Communication was excellent. A true craftsman. Thankyou Wolf sir.
  11. 1dogdown

    Colostomy might cause problems

    I suffer from Crohns disease. Hence I wear a colostomy bag.Wearing a belt with jeans is no problem.Because the bag goes over the belt. How ever if I was to wear a belt or sash in the proper position it will pinch the bag. The only way for me to wear it without any interference. Would be to wear...
  12. 1dogdown

    CLOSED Pay it forward (Horn)

    I recently purchased a pistol from here.Included with the sale was this horn.I have no need for it.So if you have a deserving youth.Whom is getting into bp.I would like to pass this on for the cost of shipping.Say 10 bucks.Guys this is just a Traditions horn.So let a youngen get it.Will pick a...
  13. 1dogdown

    Horn strap by Cutfingers

    On the recommendation of S.Kenton (Kary)I got in touch with cutfingers about making a strap for my horn.After going over the details of what I wanted.He deliverd exactly that.If you want things done the old school way look no further.They say you get what you pay for.This is so true.The strap is...
  14. 1dogdown

    Horn by S.Kenton

    I contacted Kary to make a horn for me.I told him I wanted simple and practical. I left him run with it.What he delivered was a great horn.Communication was great as well as turn around time.Workmanship is flawless.Thx again Kary.
  15. 1dogdown

    Two Feathers does not disappoint.

    A month or so ago I acquired a Jeff White French trade knife.Needing a sheath I contacted Two Feathers.Having never dealt with Dave I had no idea of what to expect.All I can say is the experience was most pleasant. He gave me exactly what I wanted.Attention to detail is phenomenal. The only...
  16. 1dogdown

    Disappointed with October Country

    Not sure if this happens all the time but.I placed an order for several items.To include some wonder wads.Wait three weeks and the wads are not with rest of order.Was never stated out of stock or backordered.They never said a word. Shipping was bad to.Ordered 300 rb.All they did was wrap in...
  17. 1dogdown

    Pendersoli 44 Kentucky ball size

    Looking for the correct size ball and patch for this pistol.It is an older model.Was thinking .430 and a .010 patch?
  18. 1dogdown


    Looking for a lightly used Kentucky style pistol.Prefer flint but cap is ok.Must be 50 cal thou.Would be a bonus if it has nice wood. Gar
  19. 1dogdown

    Pendersoli lock ?

    I have a Pendersoli cap lock.I want to make the switch to flint.I know L+R has the rpl.But some say it drops in.While others fight with it. If I were to use a Pendersoli lock would it be a drop in?Or seeing I'm going from cap to flint.Would I still have fitting to do?