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  1. ord sgt

    Favorite Production Guns

    I have three factory produced muzzle loading firearms...Pedersoli Charleville .69 calibre, Navy Arms Enfield musketoon .58 calibre and a Dixie Southern Mountain rifle .50 calibre, left hand model. The rest are home made.
  2. ord sgt

    Knuckle buster

    Have you tried it? Yes, I do use 15 grains FFFg, a felt wad and a .451 roundball plus a standard CCI #11 percussion cap. Never had a squib load with my Pietta 1851 .44 calibre Colt revolver. I pour the powder from a flask into a measure for each chamber of the cylinder.
  3. ord sgt

    Knuckle buster

    I get good accuracy with 15 grains FFFg and a .451 round ball. No sore knuckles. Try lowering your powder charge. You will get less recoil.
  4. ord sgt

    New Flintlocks

    That's how I got started with black powder firearms. I bought a T/C kit, finished it and knew no one that was familiar with muzzle loaders. Then found all of the necessary supplies, read the booklet, went out backloaded and fired my first shots. That was 40 years ago. Still hooked on them old...
  5. ord sgt

    Danger of rapid firing?

    I did have a cook off while practicing with my Enfield rifle. Premeasured powder charges in a plastic tube, capped with a .575 minie. I fired a shot, grabbed another load, pull the minie from the end of the tube and dumped the powder charge down the barrel. When the powder fell upon the breach...
  6. ord sgt

    Plugging muzzle for browning

    I am getting ready to brown parts also. Last time that I browned a barrel, I did a hot brown technique. That worked well. I bought some new solution and it calls for dunking in hot water. What to use for the barrel?
  7. ord sgt

    Wedge Pins falling out on a GPR - Using an Arbor Press to tighten

    TOTW sells slotted wedge pins, if you don't want to do the work .
  8. ord sgt

    Lancaster rifle question

    The DGW Southern mountain rifles are made in Japan. It is marked on the barrel.
  9. ord sgt

    HELP! Traditions kentucky long rifle frustrasion.

    Goex is the most readily available black powder. Swiss, Schutzen are out there. FFFg or FFg, either will work well. If buying black powder online, before placing an order, check with friends, family, find others to go along with you when ordering powder. Haz mat and shipping fees are the same...
  10. ord sgt

    I need a recommendation for professional grade gunsmith screwdrivers

    I have used the interchangable bits from Brownellls for close to thirty years. Number one reason is this, they have a bit to fit almost every size screw slots on millions of firearms made world wide. Me? I hate to see a buggered screw slot on anything. It shows carelessness on the behalf of the...
  11. ord sgt

    Priming with 3F

    I use FFg as the barrel charge and also FFg goes in the pan of my .69 calibre Charleville. It does work.
  12. ord sgt

    Sizing Miniés?

    I have a mold that casts a .575 minie, which I force through a .575 sizer for uniformity. This loads and shoots very well out of my P-H Enfield. Many clay birds and tiles have been broken with this bullet.
  13. ord sgt

    why difference in powder charge?

    It is estimated that there are 7000 grains of powder in a pound. Divide your load into 7000 and see how many shots per pound you will get. Me? I use 15 grains FFFg in my Pietta .44. That shoots as accurate as I can hold the revolver.
  14. ord sgt

    If FedEx stops delivering Black Powder…

    I bought some Goex FFFg ($20/lb) and Schutzen FFFg ($18/lb) at NMLRA headquarters. Members only
  15. ord sgt

    Shelf life of Aqua Fortis and Tru-Brown

    I just tested the half used bottle of Aqua Fortis. Bought it about 20 years ago. I tested it on a scrap piece of maple and on pine. The brown color came up nicely when heated. So yeah, it's still good. If you test AF in the barrel channel, make sure that you neutralize it before putting in the...
  16. ord sgt

    Firing the ramrod down range.

    A friend has shot two ramrods down range. He was distracted during the loading process, people asking questions. We found one but it was bent (metal) beyond use. Never found the other one.
  17. ord sgt

    How many ram rods?

    Grand total of 21 ramrod/cleaning rods. This covers M/L and unmentionables. More to come.
  18. ord sgt

    polishing the bore ?

    IMHO, 0000 steel wool wrapped around a cleaning jag is what I use on a new barrel. I usually am listening to tunes on the radio while working in my shop. When it comes time to treat a new barrel, if a known long song starts, I will run the steel wool in and out of the barrel during the length of...
  19. ord sgt

    Yet another question that has me baffled . . .

    This brings to mind a song from the late 1960's. "Different strokes for different folks"..... Unlike the earlier picture, I don't have the free wall space to hang all of my wood stocked rifles and pistols. Some are in a rack on the wall, one is standing in the corner (left hand flintlock) and...