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  1. VJM

    SOLD Lyman Great Plains Rifle

    Lyman Great Plains Rifle, older model with descent wood. I took this in a trade, 50 caliber looks like a kit gun. was told it’s unfired and it looks like it. $450 shipped to lower 48.
  2. VJM

    SOLD Investarms Hawken carbine stock

    Investarms carbine Hawken stock, light handling marks, nice wood grain. 15/16” barrel channel. Triggers appear to have a longer adjustment screw in them. The carbine stock does not have the patchbox. $150 shipped to lower 48.
  3. VJM

    SOLD NOS Investarms Hawken

    New old stock Investarms 54 caliber Hawken Flintlock, in box with factory manual. Barrel markings make this a 1982 build. $475 shipped to lower 48.
  4. VJM

    SOLD TOW Hawken Kit

    New Kit Carson Hawken kit from Track of the Wolf. 36", 54 caliber barrel has the sight dovetails cut in, breech plug installed and rib installed. Upgraded fancy maple stock. All of the smaller parts including the necessary drill bits are in an unopened bag. This kit plus gunsmithing already done...
  5. VJM

    A little meat for the freezer

    Picked up a leftover doe tag for eastern Colorado and put a little meat in the freezer. Ozark 54 Flinter PRB over 70 gr of FFF 35 yard shot.
  6. VJM

    Rifle ID Help

    I saw this gun at a local gun shop, it has a CVA 54 cal barrel but the stock is Leman style. No hooked breach. Crappy cell phone pix but can anyone help to try to ID it? I have never followed CVA much, did they build a stock like this? I have googled all I can, any help appreciated. Thanks!!
  7. VJM

    Sling stud fix

    I recently picked up a used Thompson stock to refinish, it has a sling swivel stud installed that is off center. I doubt that I can match the wood grain any good at all so am thinking of just filling the hole and redrilling it hopefully closer to center and the stud should cover most if not all...
  8. VJM

    Checkin in from Colorado

    Just found this site and joined, appreciate all of the info here. I shoot several percussion rifles and was just given a couple flintlocks from a family member.