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  1. BillinOregon

    FOR SALE Dixie Gun Works Black Powder annuals

    I need to find a good home for these 21 issues, 1985 through 2006, and missing the 1986 issue. I have spent hundreds of hours reading and re-reading the articles in these annuals on history, hunting and the blackpowder firearms of our American heritage, written by such authorities as Wayne...
  2. BillinOregon

    FOR SALE Antique leather stitching clam

    Here is an antique stitching pony or "saddler's clam" in useable shape. The jaws are 30 inches long and 4 5/8 inches wide and attached with a butt hinge on the lower end, and the jaws tightened by a bolt and wingnut. On one end you will note a name, perhaps E.W. Fisher, some initials and some...
  3. BillinOregon

    Use of the hunting sword

    I was admiring the very handsome Elijah Froedge hunting sword in the classifieds and got to wondering just how useful these might have been when they were popular, and what one might use one for today. The aforementioned sword has a 17-inch blade and a stag handle, and comes with a baldric to...
  4. BillinOregon

    SOLD Shotgun wads

    I have a bunch of opened bags of 11 gauge shotgun wads with just a few wads missing from each bag. Circle Fly unlubed and Ox-yoke lubed 1/2-inch fiber wads, 1/8-inch over powder card wads and thin overshot wads (in 11 and 10 gauge) for a tight fit. I have found in the past that an 11-gauge wad...
  5. BillinOregon

    SOLD Irish shot charger

    Here is an Irish-style shot charger for your flask or shot snake, in excellent condition, and it already has patina! You can make the wooden necks stopper work, or remove and carve and affix your own. $40 shipped priority. Paypal is fine...
  6. BillinOregon

    Baffled by classified conversations

    Why would a conversation about underhammer parts go to the guy who just bought my buckle shoes. I even clicked on his avatar name. Is it the"curse of the aging Baby Boomer" at work yet again? 🤔
  7. BillinOregon

    SOLD Percussion double locks

    Here is a pair of locks for a hammer double. The locks obviously need a deep clean; sears and internals seem to work fine. Marked "Powell" on both lock faces. $58 shipped USPS priority.
  8. BillinOregon

    SOLD FS: Underhammer parts

    Pretty sure these are from the original Numrich underhammer patterns. In good shape, and new, unused. $48 shipped USPS priority.
  9. BillinOregon

    SOLD Townsend buckle shoes for sale, size 10D

    Here is a pair of Townsend and Son buckle shoes, size 10D, in very good condition and worn by me but very little as you can see by the wear on the sole. As is obvious, I fitted Townends rectangular buckles. These are straight-lasted, but surprisingly comfortable. Asking $85 plus $15 to ship them...
  10. BillinOregon

    Big doin's at Bent's Fort

    Saw a mention of events related to the fort being celebrated in this bicentennial year of opening of the Santa Fe Trail.
  11. BillinOregon

    SOLD New Pietta Remington Model 1858, with Slixshot nipples

    Here is a new-in-the-box and unfired Pietta Remington New Model Army .44 percussion. Deal includes a new six-pack of SlixShot nipples for Pietta revolvers. Asking $335 shipped.
  12. BillinOregon

    Chamber capacity: Remington New Model vs Colt 1860

    I have had several of both over the past 40-some years, and never actually measured the chamber capacities of the two designs. I don't know why it never occurred to me to do so. There is probably not a significant difference, if any. Just thinking about this stuff while trying not to scratch...
  13. BillinOregon

    "Boxlock" percussion rifles

    I keep jonesing to build a long-range target rifle on one of the Pete Allan boxlock actions as sold by Pecatonica and others. While snooping around on the Net, I found this reference to a similar action first designed by George Foster. He built a beautiful target rifle...
  14. BillinOregon

    SOLD Shooter-grade Pedersoli Brown Bess

    Here's a Pedersoli Bess in good condition with a couple of quirks. When I bought it, there was a weird trigger in it that had led a previous owner to cut a hole in the trigger guard. I can't imagine why he did this. I paid the $100 or so for a new Pedersoli Bess guard, but found the tang bolt no...
  15. BillinOregon

    SOLD .50 caliber percussion double rifle, probably CVA

    For the muzzleloading enthusiast who likes a challenge, here is a .50 percussion double that is surely like no other, from the custom walnut stock to the German-made Weatherby Variable 2-7 scope. The rifle is in nice shape, with soft matte rust-browned barrels and tuned triggers. There are a...
  16. BillinOregon

    Bess mess makin' me scratch my head

    I bought a used Pedersoli Bess from a member here with the caveat it had a weird trigger modification. It certainly was weird -- a mutant non-Bess trigger that was at such an angle that the original owner cut a hole in the Bess triggerguard so the trigger could be pulled. Well, that had to go so...
  17. BillinOregon

    A couple of lovely rifles on the Allen/Wesson boxlock

    I was poking around on Google this morning, found an earlier thread here on Allen Boxlocks, then found this link to Colin Stolzer's page. He is not taking on any new work, but I thought some here might like to drool a bit.
  18. BillinOregon

    SOLD NIB Uberti 1851 Colt London Navy with extras

    Here's a new, crisp, unfired Uberti London Colt 1851 cap-and-ball revolver in the original .36 caliber. Trigger and timing are excellent. I replaced the factory nipples with the stainless Slixshots (dab of anti-seize on each). Included is a box of swaged Speer .375 round balls and the Lee...
  19. BillinOregon

    Who has shot the old CVA double rifles?

    I've got one in .50 that has been restocked and -- gad! -- a scope mounted. I am on the hunt for a rear sight set to see how it performs in closer to original configuration. I have had the Pedersoli doubles in several calibers that gave great satisfaction, but I believe the CVAs had a...
  20. BillinOregon

    Good news about Tentsmiths

    Saw that the owners found buyers in New Hampshire, and are training them right now. This outfit had a good reputation for quality tents.