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  1. Nyckname

    NO YEAST at the store....

    Beer bread uses baking powder and a can of suds.
  2. Nyckname

    Potted Beef

    Try to get a distributor to sell you the syrup. It's easy enough to buy generic cola concentrate on-line, if you can be brand agnostic. Don't forget to stockpile cylinders of CO₂ . Funny thing is, Diet Coke has a shelf life, because the aspartame breaks down with time and heat (those dates...
  3. Nyckname


    Silly question, did you click "save" at the bottom of the page?
  4. Nyckname

    Reaction score?

    You'll starve when you get turned into a zombie.
  5. Nyckname

    Push Functions
  6. Nyckname

    Reaction score?

    I was shocked at the price of those.
  7. Nyckname

    ive got a jumbo barr hog coming behind the house think ill hunt him this week

    Ain't you been savin' 'n' soakin' corn cobs, son?!
  8. Nyckname

    Reaction score?

    That seems to be correct.
  9. Nyckname

    A question of filling horns

  10. Nyckname


    Oi, @Griz44Mag, you forgot the "/s".
  11. Nyckname

    A question of filling horns

    Seems to me you'll want to make both sides of the base concave, with a much steeper curve on the inside. That'll save a lot of shaking, and wondering if you've got it all.
  12. Nyckname


    On mobile browsers, it seems to be your avatar, probably because it takes up less width than the user name.
  13. Nyckname

    Missing new post flag - what a pain!

    There should be a way to invert the colors on your browser, so you'll have white text on a black background. Probably a single key or a two key combination.
  14. Nyckname

    Marking Forums "READ" Tap the > that I circled, and the bar shifts to the left.
  15. Nyckname

    Software upgrade coming today or tomorrow

    Night mode maybe? Everything else would stay the same, but the forum, wall messages, and DMs would be white text on a black background.
  16. Nyckname

    Marking Forums "READ"

    It's easier to move the bar than it is to toggle on rotation, turn the phone, tap the button, turn the phone, and toggle off rotation.
  17. Nyckname

    Marking Forums "READ"

    If you're on something with a narrow screen, like a phone, you'll probably need to drag the tool bar to the left to get to it.
  18. Nyckname

    Dye for a frock coat

    A handful of tea bags in a tub of water is commonly used.
  19. Nyckname

    Just in:

    If plants are growing near cage raised chickens, they'll be "pruned" back to the however far they can reach through the mesh, and they really need the protein from eating insects.
  20. Nyckname

    Split coffee soup

    Don't say it, Nyck. Just walk away and don't say it.
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