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  1. Ames

    WANTED Lyman Great Plains

    Likes .530 round balls, .18 ticking and spit. Mink oil in cold weather. Easy user friendly guns, they are.
  2. Ames

    WANTED Lyman Great Plains

    Got one on the wall. Right handed walnut stock. I can take pictures in the evening when I get home. Very accurate rifles they are.
  3. Ames

    A question of filling horns

    You are correct. One less thing. :thumb: And if you put a piece of paper on the table and pour over it you will catch that little bit of overflow if you miss.
  4. Ames

    A question of filling horns

    Natures funnel.........Just pour it in.
  5. Ames

    My first kit build

    Just my old eyes? That touch hole looks a little low.
  6. Ames

    Patch or lube issue

    I'm going to the post office tomorrow to ship some powder horns. If you can reimburse me for just the postage I can send you some (50 - 100?) round balls. I cast buckets of them. Don't post your address here. P.M. me if you need them.
  7. Ames

    Screwin' around

    Thanks Tramp!
  8. Ames

    FOR SALE 50 cal Lancaster style

    Hmmm. Lookin to validate his prices for other outlets?
  9. Ames

    Just in:

    Bass, any form....Largemouth, Smallmouth, Striped, Chilean sea bass.....I've never gotten past the first bite. It gets left on the table. Now, catfish, salmon, crawfish, blue crabs.....Watch out! I'll run you over for seconds and thirds. Man. Mustard fried catfish and cornbread. Cherry...
  10. Ames

    Screwin' around

    Thanks DD.
  11. Ames

    Screwin' around

    Thanks, Smo. Still staying home. Still screwin' around. Worse things you could get into in a shutdown.
  12. Ames

    I shot the big barr just not with my smoke pole

    WOW! What does a thing like that tip the scales at???
  13. Ames

    What powder

    Any real black, except Elephant.
  14. Ames

    New Format?

    Hmmmmm. Know what the problem is with the new format? The colorful avatars next to the new posts on the right. Silly letters next to the name, way too distracting. I think if you bumped those off, like it was.....................
  15. Ames

    Reaction score?

  16. Ames

    Reaction score?

    Hit the nail on the head, you did. Interesting concept if they did it.
  17. Ames

    Advice for a newbie

    What he said. Hide the dremel so you wont get tempted. One jump with it and the project may be trashed.
  18. Ames

    ive got a jumbo barr hog coming behind the house think ill hunt him this week

    Nope. Eatin' free guvment cheese. That cut down on paper use.
  19. Ames

    Leadballs needed!!!

    My backstop is round ball only. 4'X2', 4 ply 2X6's pressure treated.. When it gets shot up enough, unscrew the wood 1 layer at a time. The captured lead rains out. Then you just screw 2 new layers on and you are good to go.
  20. Ames

    ive got a jumbo barr hog coming behind the house think ill hunt him this week

    Will trade toilet paper for pork.:thumb:
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