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  1. bubba.50

    FOR SALE Sash and leg ties.

    Ms. Polizzi does awesome work.
  2. bubba.50

    FOR SALE Sash and leg ties.

    Would trade for a set of TC triggers or a percussion TC lock in good working order.
  3. bubba.50

    T/C Hawken kit vs. factory built

    The custom shop and the main factory may or may not have been under the same roof but, they are separate entities. As others have said, the main difference in factory or kit depends on the skill, time and effort put in by the builder.
  4. bubba.50

    Serial Number Dating a T/C

    The Hawken Custom from the Fox Ridge shop had all blued furniture, includin’ triggerguard, no patchbox, and a 30in roundball barrel.
  5. bubba.50

    CLOSED TC No.7194 Hunter Style Tang Mount Peep Sight

    They were a bit faster than mine for sure. LOL Went ‘sold’ while I was lookin’ at it.
  6. bubba.50

    CLOSED TC No.7194 Hunter Style Tang Mount Peep Sight

    Want me to make you cry? There was one new in package on gunbroker the other day. $23.00 or buy now $28.00 buy now. Of course it was already marked ‘sold at buy now’.
  7. bubba.50

    TC Cherokee

    Beautiful gun. I’ve had three from the custom shop and not enough sense to keep any of them. Two White Mountains and one Hawken. The White Mountains had full octagon barrels and fancy stocks. One high-gloss like your Cherokee and the other matte finished. The Hawken had the custom shop roundball...
  8. bubba.50

    CVA 50 cal. as shotgun

    Hahahahaha. Yep. That oughta be about right.
  9. bubba.50

    CVA 50 cal. as shotgun

    If you can catch the rabbit with the edge of your doughnut pattern you might get one or two at veery close range.
  10. bubba.50

    Help with a white mountain Carbine .50

    That load would be harder on the gun than on the lad. White Mountains are kinda weak in the wrist area plus have a fair amount drop which would flex right sharp under that load.
  11. bubba.50

    Choosing a finish

    Watco Danish Oil is what I mostly use now. Wipe it on, rub it in, wait a few minutes then wipe & buff. Repeat until ya get where ya want. And about once a year or so I rub on another coat. And it comes in several different ‘flavors’(colors).
  12. bubba.50

    FOR SALE Sash and leg ties.

    I paid the awesome Ms Polizzi 38 bucks for the sash, close to the same for the ties, and it’ll take a few bucks to mail them. So, I thought I had a pretty good price on them. Maybe not. Maybe nobody likes my color choices. Maybe just nobody needs such accoutrements for their get-up. Who knows...
  13. bubba.50

    CLOSED TC No.7194 Hunter Style Tang Mount Peep Sight

    The last time they were catalogued they were around 42 bucks. And that wasn’t that many years ago.
  14. bubba.50

    Why I don't worry....

    Remington’s test for their rolling block(I know it’s cartridge, just usin’ for example) was 200 grains of powder behind 32 ball(bullets). In their words ‘nothing unusual happened to the gun’.
  15. bubba.50

    Refurbishing T/C Hawken Stock

    With lots of stripper, patience, old denim rags and a plastic putty knife you’ll be fine.
  16. bubba.50

    WANTED Wanted:Thompson Center ST Louis Hawken .50

    I believe the St Louis Hawken is either Traditions or CVA.
  17. bubba.50

    Refurbishing T/C Hawken Stock

    TC finishes varied over the years. Some were a thin tru-oil like lacquer sprayed on that you could almost removee with your fingernail. Other times it was like a urethane armor or some such and required 2 or 3 rounds with the stripper.
  18. bubba.50

    Help with a white mountain Carbine .50

    If you do any casting, the Lee R.E.A.L. mould comes in two weights. I think the lighteeer one is 250gr and should be adequate for yer needs. If you don’t cast I think TOTW has them ready-made.
  19. bubba.50

    picking up flint

    When I first became interested in BP I thought it would be neat to ‘just pick up a rock’ to make your gun go ‘BANG’. So I picked up every piece of flint I found on the farm in southwest Virginia where I live. It was a pretty rare occasion to get one that sparked worth a fig.
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