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    Shot horn?

    In my younger days, I carried shot in a horn. It did make some noise, but certainly not enough to scare away game. I doubt if it was any more noisy than a dried twig dragging across my boot top. I never really gave it any though. Neither did the birds. :cool:
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    So, I got the bug to make a horn.

    Looks good !
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    Screwin' around

    Beautiful !:cool:
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    Traditions Kentucky Pistol Range Review

    I would suggest shooting at a fixed distance, 20-25 yards. I like 25 yards, but that’s me. Shoot from a sandbagged rest. The one handed stuff can be cool, but not the way to sight things in. The sandbag will eliminate most if not all of the human error. Load consistently, and hold at...
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    My Remington ML Cap Lock Half-stock Rifle – A Brief History

    Wow ! Excellent story !
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    introduce myself

    Welcome from another CVA Mountain Rifle shooter. :cool:
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    .40 cal Seneca

    I would check to see if anybody makes a drop in replacement.
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    Retailers that stock BP revolvers

    I have done business with the Possibles Shop in the past. The owner was pleasant to deal with, and I think fair priced. If he is still in business, you might look at his site. :cool:
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    Some of my knives

    Poet, Hopefully later. Just about everything here is in sort of a self imposed... gubbmint sez... do it, quarantine. I think right now there might not be any springtime rendezvous. So, it’s taxes...:doh:
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    Some of my knives

    Looking at the folder, it seemed familiar. I bought one very much like that for my son many years ago at a rendezvous. I think it’s still around in the bottom of a box, somewhere... :cool:
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    40 Caliber York Completed

    Beautiful stock ! 😎
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    Yes. Very nice revolvers.
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    Dikar 45 Cal caplock

    If that has a brass trigger, it looks like it does... probably from the mid to late 1970’s. The ones I have, have the steel triggers. They are from the late 1960’s to early to mid 1970’s. :cool:
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    green horn here

    Welcome ! Just be sure to wash your hands after typing your messages.... :cool: :dunno:
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    help to select accessories to 1st rifle

    You seem to be on your way. I would recommend the short starter or ball starter. For me, it simplifies the loading process. I also have a small wooden mallet to seat the ball into the barrel. That’s just the way I’ve done it for many years. Others don’t use those items. :cool: And don’t...
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    1847 Walker

    Love that Walker ! :cool:
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    Pennsylvanian Hunters horn.

    Stunning ! Did you use paint for the coloring ?
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    Found it!

    Yes, Christmas again ! Did you make the presentation box ?
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    3 in 1 Loader

    Very clever ! :cool:
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    Is Getz Barrel Co. Still In Business?

    I returned a barrel to them nine years ago for inspection. I asked to have it replaced and I would pay for it. No reply after the barrel was inspected. No return of the damaged barrel, and no new barrel or billing for a new one. Just dropped out of sight.
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