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  1. Treestalker

    Potted Beef

    I love sardines and cheese and crackers. My Dad was a canned potted meat aficionado. I also love Diet Coke to go with it, and am seeking a condensed or powdered form of Coke for storage or times of interruption of supply. When I die pour a Coke on my grave and let the juice soak through!
  2. Treestalker

    Shot horn?

    I'd make a leather shot pouch with a wooden spout and plug and carry it in my pocket. In a recent Muzzle Blasts there is an article by T.C. Albert on making a shot snake that would be much more convenient. I have an Irish headed one that works and carries great. It's getting old though and I'm...
  3. Treestalker

    ? Testing the SkyChief load....

    WoW! A 20 ga at 50 yards! A dove would have hell flying through that! When I get my 60 caliber (21ga ?) shotgun built, I must try that! Thank you, Spence.
  4. Treestalker

    Potted Beef

    My Dad told me that growing up on the farm in Louisiana that his family would fry up ground meat patties and using a stoneware crock, they would alternate layers of rendered lard and beef patties until the crock was full, topping it off with a layer of lard. It would keep this way 'all winter'...
  5. Treestalker

    A great friend and part of my heart

    My sincere condolences on your loss of Dazy. A good dog is part of the family; actually they see us as part of their pack. No doubt we will meet our companions in the hereafter. I wonder if I'll be worthy to be a member of the howling circle. I don't consider it inappropriate to list such...
  6. Treestalker


    I don't know, but I'm willing to learn!
  7. Treestalker

    introduce myself

    Welcome to the most unique, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable Forum in the southwest quadrant of the universe!
  8. Treestalker

    Reaction score?

    When I was a boy my dad had a Reaction at the breakfast table once when I told my Mom that I wasn't going to eat scrambled eggs with calf brains. I woke up on the floor across the room after being backhanded from the table. My Reaction was 'YES 'MAAM' from then on !!!
  9. Treestalker

    Some of my Swords and Blades

    Heaven only knows how many hand forged blades made by the local smith adorned the sides of American warriors back in the day. Good forged carbon steel with a good temper is hard to beat. I personally have friends who were Navy SEALS, Marines, and soldiers of fortune who swear by modern smiths'...
  10. Treestalker

    It’s a gun!

    Yep, looks like a gun! And a fine one at that!
  11. Treestalker

    Books of Buckskinning worth getting?

    The Books of Buckskinning are a wild, joyous ride through the early days of the black powder renaissance; you'll love 'em.
  12. Treestalker

    Log Cabin Shop

    Been years since I bought from them, but they seemed to have a great selection of books.
  13. Treestalker


    Jeff, that's a cutie!
  14. Treestalker

    Nuther Newbie

    welcome aboard
  15. Treestalker


    Welcome Pilgrim!
  16. Treestalker

    40 Caliber York Completed

    Good job, and good judgement! Sometimes less is more!
  17. Treestalker

    WANTED WTB: A competition/match quality air rifle and/or pistol

    Does them aiery thangs load from the front end?
  18. Treestalker

    Easy to Make Target Board

    Dammit! LOL!
  19. Treestalker

    Loyalist Arms Fusil

    Hello Nchunter, no, I went a different route.
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