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  1. hanshi

    howdy im charlie

    The states I've hunted in required a powder charge of at least 50 grains of powder. I say start with 55 grains, shoot a group and continue going up 5 grns at a time while shooting groups. 60 grns to 75 (+ or -) grains of 3F black or 70 to 85 grains of 2F would be the range where you should...
  2. hanshi

    Lee .530 Round Ball Mold Question

    I rely on Lee molds for most calibers of ball. I find them excellent.
  3. hanshi

    dear loads

    I'd suspect you'll find a great load somewhere between 60 and 70 grains of 3F black. A .490" ball and patch .015"-.018" with a good lube should get you going.
  4. hanshi

    Need a new lock

    You can draw the outline of the plate and send it to TOW. They'll let you know if they have anything that will replace it.
  5. hanshi

    Hatfield 50 Percussion

    That's a very nice looking rifle!
  6. hanshi

    Flash, no bang

    Always a good idea to wipe the bore and vent liner hole prior to shooting. Also, is the touch hole at least 1/16"?
  7. hanshi

    40 Caliber York Completed

    I like the York "style" and have one that was built with elements of York architecture. That's a beautiful rifle.
  8. hanshi

    A question of possible rust

    Dear Reader, All you need to remove a pinned barrel is a proper size nail punch, a screwdriver and a bit of care. Remove the pins the same direction every time and keep them in order of location - I use a piece of masking tape to hold them. I only remove the barrels every 2-3 years. They all...
  9. hanshi

    Barrel lapping question

    I've always used a bit of oil on the Scotch Bright patch.
  10. hanshi

    who all likes the carbines?

    This flintlock (.45 x 36") was built for me as a short, handy woods rifle and has served in that role with distinction. I like short flintlocks pretty well and all the others are 38". This "kid's rifle" is as short in barrel length as I can warm up to. .45 X 25" X 15/16". Anything shorter...
  11. hanshi

    Rate kits on difficulty: TVM, Chambers, Kibler, Pecatonica...

    The Kibler SMR in .45 would be my "dream rifle". But whatever you decide on be sure and get the swamped barrel. These barrels balance like a dream and make a heavy gun feel much lighter than it actually is.
  12. hanshi

    Skychief Smoothbore Load Recipe........

    Best of luck on your recovery, Skychief.
  13. hanshi

    It’s a gun!

    You did very well!
  14. hanshi

    who all likes the carbines?

    I have a .45 X 25" X 15/16" that I like a lot. But when heading for the woods I usually grab my .45 X 36" X 13/16" flintlock. That, IMHO, is a shorty in my book.
  15. hanshi

    Kibler 50 cal colonial

    I have no use for a gun that I can't shoot; and that goes for old ones and pretty ones. That rifle is a beauty and needs to spend time in the woods.
  16. hanshi

    Round ball min expansion velocity

    I know from experience that a .440" or larger lead ball will kill deer quickly or even DRT whether or not it manages to expand. I've had pass-throughs up to around 100 yards drop them as quickly as wafer-flat recoveries from shots at 35 yards. Internal damage is what kills game. An arrow can...
  17. hanshi

    question about a squirrel rifle,,,,,,,,,,,

    Here in Maine the .40 is legal for deer and small game. Frankly, however, I prefer my .45 or .50 if deer is the game sought. When it's small game I'd rather use the .32 or .36. The .40 - I have a nice one - makes a grand turkey rifle where legal; not legal in Maine, though.
  18. hanshi


    I never actually understood why anyone would want to throw away a perfectly good weapon. A knife in the hand always beats a knife in the air.
  19. hanshi

    Kibler 50 cal colonial

    I use 70 grains of 3F in my .50 for great accuracy Yes! Post photos or it ain't real.
  20. hanshi

    Muzzleloader magazine

    Make that +3, spudnut. But it's still a great magazine.
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