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  1. Black Hand

    Classifieds - Please read. New rule going into effect immediately.

    Shouldn't the burden be upon those making claims?
  2. Black Hand

    Coffee or Tea?

    Espresso (not Expresso) is my preferred caffeine a delivery system. Not unusual for me to have 4-6 on weekend days...
  3. Black Hand

    Ted Fellows 50 Hawken Barrel tang not seating?

    I agree. Be careful when you bend it back (out of the rifle), the area at the hole is weaker and can break. Go slow and don't bend near the hole...
  4. Black Hand

    Black powder vs Zombies

    Pointy stick....
  5. Black Hand

    Coffee or Tea?

    Have you forgotten about wine and mead, both naturally-fermented products that don't require grain...? 99 out of 100 times, I'd rather drink a red wine than beer.
  6. Black Hand

    Fighting styles: Tomahawk and Knife

    Another option:
  7. Black Hand

    Touch hole question

    I'd move the lock to accommodate the hole and if this wasn't possible, move the barrel to fit the pan.
  8. Black Hand

    Starting A New Knife Build

    Modern epoxy will soften/fail if heated. If the temperature is below the tempering temperature, you won't soften the blade any. IIRC, most temperings happen above 350-375F... Another suggestion - make a few V-cuts into the edge of the tang for the epoxy to grip (and a few through-holes in the...
  9. Black Hand

    Coffee or Tea?

    Ah yes, the Egyptian grain silos (according to Ben Carson MD)....
  10. Black Hand

    Coffee or Tea?

    Most times, the leaves sink to the bottom.
  11. Black Hand

    Correct Use of a Knapping Hammer

    I use the spine of my belt-knife. Just a few taps are needed to sharpen the edge and nothing special to carry.
  12. Black Hand

    Black painted Brown Bess

    I found some info suggesting Linseed oil, Asphaltum and "resin" were involved (1809 -
  13. Black Hand

    Black painted Brown Bess

    Thanks Gus & Dave! I'm still curious as to the identity of the paint(s) used on barrels, if anyone has any info. More of an academic question than anything else...
  14. Black Hand

    Firearms law on mainland UK

    Fair enough - Through the years, I've learned never to assume anything.
  15. Black Hand

    Firearms law on mainland UK

    I feel sorry that such oppressive laws are in place where you live. While the UK has many things I find attractive, these restrictions are not. At 18, everyone can walk into a gun store and buy a Rifle or Shotgun, at 21, one can purchase a pistol. Yes, they do a short background check to make...
  16. Black Hand

    Black painted Brown Bess

    Good to know - Thanks Dave! Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Japanning baked on? As to the asphaltum, I'd presume it was used on the barrel since using it on a lock just seems like a bad idea.
  17. Black Hand

    Black painted Brown Bess

    But if painted, it would be the wood (not the metal), and would have no effect on rust...
  18. Black Hand

    Fighting styles: Tomahawk and Knife

    It may be all Hollywood - based upon oriental martial arts and knife-fighting techniques. With the knife pointed downward along the forearm, it can be used defensively and offensively, though downward stabs might have more difficulty penetrating to vital organs in the thorax & abdomen (because...
  19. Black Hand

    Why are or aren't you an NMLRA member?

    Not always... But who determines "Nice"?
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