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    revolver date codes

    A friend of mine just bought a 58 NMA from a small local shop, last one they had. The frame has 20 in a box, no other date code. Did the Italian makers go to dates instead of letters for dating. Also on the bottom of the grip is IT 2020 next to the serial number. My old 58 has XX8...
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    Elephant powder, how good?

    The FIL of a friend passed away recently and my friend has to sell his ML accessories. The FIL mostly shot the unmentionable rifles but he did have 7 or 8 cans of 2 F Elephant powder....I've never used Elephant, always made sure I had enough DuPont or later GOEX on hand but he's willing to give...
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    P-H 2 band Enfield

    Did the original Parker Hale 2 band Enfields have gain twist progressive depth rifling? There is one on GB that looks to be unfired with original box and papers. My understanding is that these were better than the three band Enfields because of the rifling. A re-enactor friend isn't interested...