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    Curious about copper

    VERY nice work, Sir. I have a couple of octagonal barrels just screaming out for lining/banding like that! Pity you don't live a tad nearer, eh?
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    Same here. I used to use the hard stuff back in the day before it was banned here in Europe. But only for mechanically-fitting Whitworth bullets made with a mould from George Arnold on Jersey C.I.
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    Black powder TV Bob?

    Bob, if you're reading this, we're all rooting for you, and looking forward to seeing you and your great articles again soon
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    Gidday From New Zealand

    Kia Ora, cutfinger! Welcome from East Anglia, UK.
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    I didn't do anything today, but yesterday I took my new-ish P-H Whitworth out for a bit of fresh air, and tried out some pointy-nosed Lyman bullets of 535gr multi-groove style. The result was ho-hum with 70gr of Swiss 2Fg, but it closed up some with 3Fg. I'd show some pics but I was so busy...
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    Husqvarna Gun

    Your beautiful pistol looks as though it was made to take a stock, making it into a short carbine. Do you have the missing part? I recall that you first showed us this pistol back in 2017... Husqvarna pistol
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    why difference in powder charge?

    It is not 'estimated' that there are 7000 grains in a pound. It is a documented and accepted fact of weights and measures that one pound = 7000 grains. Like one pound = 16 ounces,. or 3 feet = 1 yard.
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    Colt 1851 vs. Pietta

    I have to agree about the pointability of the original Model 1851, having shot originals and modern replicas on the same day. It is the old version of the immensely pointish Luger pistol in that respect. Although all my shots with both pistols were inevitably high, the original put them all...
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    Well I pulled the trigger

    My wife read that as 'fire at she bears' and wondered what they'd done to upset you.
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    100 yard groups with a Smoothbore Musket

    Please remind me where you got your CS-marked leather accoutrements?
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    Cap and ball posts a new one on You Tube...

    This time it's a beautiful pair of muff pistols from a gunmaker in Boston, Lincolnshire, England. I'll let you guys find it. Just look for the 'concealed flintlock pistols' tags.
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    What Is A Horse Pistol

    Horse pistols were carried in holsters on each side of the front of the saddle, as noted, by both cavalry - who fight ON horseback - or dragoons - who are more likely to get off the horse and fight. Lancers carried lances and because they were generally lighter-horsed and manned, carried at...
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    New from Houston, TX area

    Welcome from East Anglia, England, UK, home of around 35000 Americans, of which I am not one. We visit a lot, though, with friends all over Oregon, Texas, and New Mexico.
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    Sizing Miniés?

    You really will have to measure the bore - from my own experience, and from reading the many posts here, the bore can vary anything from .578 up to 590 - and anything in between. Whatever you get as a measurement, allow between 0.0020 to 0.0035 undersize for the bullet in order to have easy...
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    Yet another question that has me baffled . . .

    I'd dearly love to be able display my rifles like Robby, above. Only in 'merca, eh?
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    Parker Hale Musketoon

    In all my years I have never seen one before. A real work of the gunsmith's art.
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    A little bonjour from Normandy-France

    All fascinating history - thank you! When we lived in Rheindahlen we would often visit Maastricht - not only for the fascinating caves, but also for those wonderful Dutch cream cakes - Roermond, too! I commend to you Enzo's Burgers in the town square.....
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    J W Spohn ring any bells here?

    No responses? :(
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    Some detailed info on Civil War Minies

    If you shot Brett Gibbons' 'English cartridges' then you'd find that swabbing would be a bad memory. He relates having shot 160 in succession without a single swab.
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    Some detailed info on Civil War Minies

    I see no signs of rifling - perhaps they had been fired from a musket?