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  1. ffg

    Caplock to Flintlock

    I have a .54 cal Thompson Center percussion barrel that I would like to change to a Flintlock. How difficult is it to switch breech plugs?
  2. ffg

    WANTED T/C WMC Flintlock

  3. ffg

    WANTED T/C .36 cal. Patriot

    Looking for a .36cal. T/C Patriot
  4. ffg

    WANTED T/C .36 cal. Patriot

    Thompson Center .36 cal Patriot or empty Patriot box top$$ :ThankYou:
  5. ffg

    WANTED T/C Patriot .36 cal

    looking to buy your Thompson Center Patriot .36 cal Top$$:ThankYou:
  6. ffg

    WANTED T/C Patriot box

    Please keep your eyes peeled 👀for an empty T/C Patriot box $$ Gracias
  7. ffg

    WANTED Thompson Center Patriot Box

    Still looking for an empty T/C Patriot box,:ThankYou: any Calibur Also .36 cal T/C Patriot TOP $ PAID
  8. ffg

    FOR SALE Custom Thompson Center Flintlock .58 cal

    Thompson Center Renegade Flintlock .58 cal w/ a slow R/B Twist 1in60" Twist. New Barrel was rebored to .58 cal by famed Pennsylvania Gunsmith Bobby Hoyt. This Flintlock is in new condition, never fired, Stock is new, Lock is new, Barrel is new This Big gun is ready to hunt the Largest Game...
  9. ffg

    WANTED T/C Patriot box (empty)

    I'm looking to buy just the box of a T/C Patriot if someone has no use for one, I have the pistol. Thanks
  10. ffg

    WANTED T/C Patriot Box

    I am looking to buy a Thompson Center .45cal Patriot box. I have the Pistol, just need an original box Thanks
  11. ffg

    WANTED T/C White Mountain Carbine (Flintlock)

    I would love to buy a T/C White Mountain Carbine Flintlock:ThankYou:
  12. ffg

    WANTED Any T/C Flintlock Barrel

    Looking for any .50 cal or larger Flintlock barrels, please PM me thank you
  13. ffg

    WANTED T/C .54 Flintlock Barrel or .54 .58 Drop In

    I'm looking for a Thompson Center .54 cal flintlock barrel or a .54 or .58 drop-in barrel for my Renegade, any condition but must have a good bore. Thank you
  14. ffg


    T/C .54 cal flintlock barrel w/ good bore
  15. ffg

    WANTED T/C .54 or .58 cal flintlock replacement barrel

    Looking for a Thompson center .54 or .58 cal replacement barrel for my Renegade flintlock. Or If someone knows of a gun builder where I can order such a barrel, please pass it on. thanks
  16. ffg

    WANTED Thompson Center .54 Renegade Flintlock

    Any condition with a good bore and no cracks in the stock
  17. ffg

    T/C Cherokee?

    Maybe someone can help me out on identifying a T/C (Cherokee)that I picked up at a gun show. It is identical to a friends .45 cal Cherokee in every way, but it does not say Cherokee after the .45 cal marking, it is an older T/C with a very low ser.# It has us stumped
  18. ffg

    Breech plug removal

    I have a .54 cal t/c renegade flint barrel that I would like to remove the breech plug for another project, but never removed one before, and would like a little help. Thanks
  19. ffg


    Got the itch again to build another great plains flintlock, does anyone know who has the best price out there for the lyman kits, any info would be much appreciated. thanks
  20. ffg

    ffg's NEW LEMAN

    [/img] [/img] [/img]