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    Help for old eyes

    I just saw an ad for Rogers Glasses. They sell progressive reading glasses all the way to +4.0. $19.95 Might be worth tryng.
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    Raw black English flint

    google "Flintknapping supplies"
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    Help for old eyes

    You tell your doctor the focal distance you want , and he writes the prescription for that distance. Some people take the rifle with them so he/she can measure the front sight distance. A piece of elecrical tape with a hole in it will also work. The hard part is getting it stuck in the right...
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    FOR SALE For you lefties out there!! LH .54cal. flintlock.

    Best I could measure it is 1 in 48 about 2ft. down the barrel, but that doesn't sound right. It might be a gain twist. I usually just sight them in and don't worry about the brand or the twist.
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    Browned Locks For Sale?

    Locks aren't sold in the white. They are sold unpolished. In the white would be after polishing. To look correct a lock should be polished to remove the bead blasted frosted look and then the final finish applied. You don't see many old locks with casting marks. They were forged and filed.
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    Mike Brooks Type G on the blog.

    A friend just got a Brooks trade gun and sent pictures. For some reason Firefox says this site isn't secure and won't let you link from here, but you can cut and paste the address in the address bar and it will work.
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    First shot from a clean barrel

    I shoot for the middle of the animal. I also don't shoot more than about 60yds. So, it doesn't matter very much. Personally, I wouldn't walk around with a dirty barrel or pan.
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    Hooked Breech Lyman GP problem

    Did it come out easily? You might have a wood chip or something in the barrel channel.
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    How many ram rods?

    I have at least 10 range rods and some wooden rods in the corner.
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    Late Lancaster Style W/Lots of Bling

    Leroy Fleenor, Johnson City, TN.
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    help with hearing problem

    I have a set of electronic muffs that have an NRR of 33. I use foam plugs under them for a little more protection.
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    Loading resistance

    I routinely shoot undersized balls in my rifles. My .58 Kibler shot this 50yd. benched group with a .562 ball and .023 patch. Will a load that has to be hammered down do any better. The top shot would have been in the group, but it was the first clean-barrel shot.
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    FOR SALE For you lefties out there!! LH .54cal. flintlock.

    This is a .54cal. flintlock by Jim Fahling. The barrel is 44" swamped. It is 1" at the breech and 7/8" at the muzzle. It makes a nice light, well balanced rifle. I don't know whose barrel it is. The rifling isn't as deep as a Rice. The lock is a Chambers Siler with Robert Ray's maker's...
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    Kibler SMR frizzen broke in two

    Early on he said that there was too much waste to try to machine the hammer and the frizzen. Those parts were more cost efficient to cast.
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    Kibler SMR frizzen broke in two

    As long as you had a flint in it, there is nothing you could do to cause it.
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    SOLD Navy Arms Buffalo Hunter **SPF**

    I think the small-for-caliber ramrod was used because it doesn't take much effort to push an unpatched Minie or bullet down the bore.
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    SOLD Navy Arms Buffalo Hunter **SPF**

    The ramrod is a shade under 5/16" or 8mm. The length is 26". The entry pipe is tight(5/16") on my rod(doesn't fall out), but the rod can be sanded some for a looser fit. A 5/16" rod won't easily go in a 5/16"hole. They have to be sanded or scraped to fit the entry pipe. Not to mention the...
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    Kibler Smooth?

    Because of the weight, recoil in the .58 is negligible. Since it is heavier, the .50 would have even less recoil. As long as you aren't walking a lot the weight of the .50 shouldn't matter.