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    Insurance policy for French and Indian attack

    Years ago I ran into a reference of an insurance policy In one of the Eastern/NE states that still had an insurance policy in modern times for French and Indian attack. I have since lost that ref, can someone please tell me about it?
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    Perdition to Conspirators! Magnificent 14-Barrel Flintlock

    Saw this on MeWe at BLACK POWDER HEAVEN. Thought some here might enjoy.
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    "The Origins of the NMLRA Cannon Program"

    This article appears in the current (May 2020) issue of "Muzzle Blasts". They started the program to standardize the procedures and heavy on safety. If you want to fire a cannon, this is it.
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    Iron Pyrite Source

    Where are the good sources of iron pyrite suitable for use in a wheelock?