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    A good day grouse hunting.

    My daughter has gotten into collecting older Wagner and Griswold cast iron cookware. She has had good luck at garage and estate sales and usually pays less for the old stuff than she would for new, especially Lodge. She has cleaning it down to an artform. She started by soaking in a Lye water...
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    Forgot to wash ticking

    If you decide to wash them and don’t have a nylon or wash bag just put them in the sink and soak them good then put in a sock, tie it shut and wash and dry. I’m frugal and wouldn’t spend on a special bag etc.
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    Woodcraft Vise

    Solanco, I still envy the shop but you are right. We used to tell our kids when they were young and one got something and the others said “ it isn’t fair” is the only way to be completely fair is if none of them got anything.
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    HELP, does anyone know anything about set triggers on a CVA 50cal ?

    There should be a screw between the two triggers. You can probably order one from the usual venders, but given your location it may take time to get one. Another option is to pull the trigger assembly and take it to a hardware store and buy a short metric screw that fits.
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    Muzzleloader shooting distance

    One thing not mentioned by current comments is the shot was taken in war where a wound or maiming was almost as effective as a clean kill. If I were a soldier in the Murphy situation and knew my rifle and was allowed, I would attempt the shot. A hit would involve some luck but probability...
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    Need help identifying this recently purchased cap lock rifle

    My first muzzleloader was a CVA KIT in flintlock that I bought in 1974. It was marked Jukar and was identical to the subject rifle except a flintlock. It even had the thin sheet brass cover for the two piece stock. I suspect other firms marketed it as well.
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    Chance to buy some rifles need opinions

    If I were buying to resell I wouldn’t pay more the than 2/3 the lowest combined price of the lot assuming they function and have decent bores. Price goes down if one has issues. If it were a close needy relative I would buy what I could easily afford and what I wanted.
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    Rebore 32 caliber to 36 caliber ?

    Keep in mind too a 32 isn’t usually a long range caliber. For hunting purposes most shots will be well under 50 yards. For squirrels and rabbits 25 yards or less will be more common. Cleaned up it may be fine for normal hunting ranges.
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    Need an I.D.

    If it came with the holster you did okay. I have an older Arno San Marco and like the feel of it compared to my Piettas. All are 58 remmys. It shoots well. If it was mine I would try to cold blue the cylinder to start and see how it hold up to use.
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    The Superstition Of Gifting A Knife, Is It Real?

    I’ve never heard of the coin thing regarding a knife. To me a gift is an act of grace. To expect something in return cheapens it. I just try to pay it forward as the saying goes.
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    Unfired Muzzleloaders

    I suspect a number of 40 year old guns didn't get fired because back then in many areas finding information on shooting a black powder gun took some time. Many gun shops and department stores sold them and either had little in the way of powder etc. or no one able to tell the new owner what they...
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    Thomson Center or Investarms stock

    We are all built differently. I don't have trouble with the TC cheek piece. I just find it interesting how one gun works well for one person and doesn't fit another.
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    Smokepole probably started with us (muzzleloaders) many years ago. I think I've heard the term since I first started shooting them in the early 1970s. I'm not offended by it.
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    New to Muzzleloading!

    I would also look for a muzzleloading club in your area. They often have guys selling guns at a reasonable price and can give advice at the same time.
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    Colt Paterson Replicas????

    Beautiful revolver Wolfman.
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    Amusing/Ridiculous Muzzleloading Misconceptions...

    I'm not upset about the motor vehicle side track. It's just that I also belong to several truck forums and I go there when I want to hear about or discuss them. By the way do you want to hear about my 1954 F250? 😁
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    Amusing/Ridiculous Muzzleloading Misconceptions...

    There are soooo many misconceptions about muzzleloaders. The biggest right now continue to be formented by gun mags and some “gun nuts.” You need a black plastic or camp gizmo gun to take a Bambi. Real black powder is extremely dangerous and dirty. It shouldn’t be used by anyone without a...
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    A Gun Dealer in Arizona?

    I can I nderstand the task of keeping track of sales and shipping could be overwhelming especially while dealing with the loss of a loved one. I suspect the items would sell very well here but doing so may not be realistic.
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    A Gun Dealer in Arizona?

    As soon as I finished writing the above I got to thinking A dangerous thing. Is there a way this site could facilitate or assist in an online auction here?
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    A Gun Dealer in Arizona?

    It is a ways away but Carr Auctions in Larned KS has regular firearm and antique auctions. There may be similar auction houses in your area. A friend of mine who passed away had made arrangements for them to sell his guns before he passed. In his case most were unmentionables.