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    Inlay recommendations for idiots

    Inlaying in to a concave surface is a bit on the tricky side. If you just contour your piece to the shape of the concave and inlay straight down you will wind up with a gap--usually on the top. You have to "over-bend" the inlay and then start inlaying from the bottom and "rolling" it in to...
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    Supplier Quality Problems

    Let's just hope that it's not Boeing that you're all talking about!
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    "Post" designations

    Angie; Any update on tweaking this?
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    What would you choose?

    My SxS 40 bore (cap) rifle and my 1858 Remington. (Both are originals made in 1858 coincidentally.)
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    Bleeding Black Powder

    It's a medical term from the 18th century that let the evil spirits out of your powder horn.
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    Plugging muzzle for browning

    A wooden plug (or any natural substance) will allow the solution to creep through it, particularly if the grain direction goes north and south. Ever see a wine cork from an older bottle? The wine works its' way through the cork. If you're really worried, go get a set of those expandable...
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    Tumbling bullets

    What is the twist rate of your barrel?
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    A trip to The Rifle Shoppe

    The forum changed the rules slightly when ownership changed a few years ago. Cartridge guns in general are still out of bounds, but cartridge guns from those that aren't made any more, like Burnsides and needle guns are ok now. Likewise are breech loading BP guns, like Sharps, Halls...
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    First timer.....

    I would suggest watching a host of the "How to Build a ML'er" videos that are on the internet together with your class before you take on each task contemplated. Just one at a time, and for each task. You will be both a student and a teacher at the same time. Just be careful with kids about...
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    Basic Muzzleloading Course/ NRA training

    These courses are very good for introducing people to ML'ing. Everybody has to start somewhere, so I'm glad to hear of this. Decades ago it seems, when I took the NRA (Rifle) ML'ing Instructor course, out of my class of about 15, apart from myself there were only 2 other people that had had...
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    Small bore rate of twist.

    The general formula for RB twist rate is more complicated than this, but for (hunting load) rounding purposes, it is 1: 1 1/3x caliber. It's also a function of imparting sufficient rpms on the departing projectile to stabilize it, so, practically speaking, for guns intended to be shot with very...
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    Frizzen query

    Best way to drill the hole for the frizzen is to super glue it in place. Then drill your hole using the existing holes as your jig guide for the bit. A little bit of heat with the torch will pop it off the lock so you can go on your merry way. A note on that is that you don't have to drill...
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    What are these lumps on my stock?

    While the moisture / seasoning thing is one theory, it could also be due to internal stresses on the wood that were relieved as the stock was whittled down. As the stock got smaller, the surrounding wood removed also relieved those forces that were holding the wood down. I built a pistol from...
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    To Blue or Not to Blue

    The key to the belly line is to closely observe how far back the horizontal carries. Just to about the trigger before it starts arcing downward. I would suggest inletting your trigger plate below the surface of the wood so dpi can shape your wood afterwards. Go ahead and get it close, but...
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    To Blue or Not to Blue

    I'm not aware of all of his work so I would suspect he made some guns with domed boxes, and some without, or with wooden PB's. Be careful with that double radius. It's really easy to overdo it, which makes the gun look clumsy. Do your comb and top line of the wrist first, and then the rear of...
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    Phew. What a relief !!

    Research is the key. Lots of advice here, and on the ALR site. The best way to correct mistakes is to not make them in the first place1
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    To Blue or Not to Blue

    Though not on the topic of finish, with that Rupp rifle I'll advise you to get ahold of the KRA disc and study that rifle carefully. Allen Martin's site too. Pay particular attention to the rear of the lock and wrist area, and the double radius under the TG specifically. Most contemporary...
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    Vent hole liner

    The name of the game is total barrel dwell time. The the total time it takes from sear trip to have the ball exit the muzzle. The shorter (elapsed time) the better. The TH is a component of a whole series of components involved in the process. What you're after with the flint / frizzen / pan...
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    Peter Neihart Lehigh rifle

    You ran in to the same problem with the lock sear bar that I did with a recent Kuntz build. No room to lower the lock further (which is the main reason they're tipped up in the tail). To solve for it I bent the main sear bar (the part that bears against to lock panel) upwards about 10 degrees...
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    Peter Neihart Lehigh rifle

    We don't often see Neidhart guns posted. In fact, I think yours is the first. It's a wonderful rendition. Initially, I would have gone along with the lock panel statement of them being a bit thick, but after looking at the disc, I think you got them just about right. Neidhart did things a...