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    CLOSED Sword Hanger, found.

    Is this what you want?
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    Help for old eyes

    I have been using a large black, adhesive backed, stationary dot with a small hole drilled in it, on a pair of glasses, for 15 years since laser surgery to correct my eye sight. I tried an aperture type with a suction cup, but it was worthless as making the hole as small as possible was still...
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    Some new project photos for approval?

    18th century knife should have an 18thc sheath?
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    Need help with my new hat.

    In your question you said 1760. Some of the reply's are 1780, which are different. In 1760 the true tricorne was still in style with one of the points to the front. If turning up only one side for a militia look, turn up left side so when that at shoulder arms (left), the hat brim and the...
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    Wasp Nest

    In my Great Grandparents/Grandparents house here on the farm there is a huge hornets nest. It was made flat against an inside wall about 4' wide x 6' high. You can get to it thru an access hole. A friend harvested a huge amount of the nest for wadding. It is old and doesn't work as good as a...
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    My first BP mortar

    We had a small mortar year's ago. To get some noise when shooting a blank, we wadded with green grass, BTW, fuse firing is not a good idea, as you can't control when it will be going off, should something come up that you do not want to shoot, wanders in front of it. Linstock firing with...
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    Repair advice?

    Dan Fruth, gunsmith, showed me a putty that is used as a heat stop, in cases like this. He says it works good. With some research, you should be able to find it on line.
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    Looking for book recommendations on French flintlock muskets

    Look at and list title. They have some copies for sale.
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    Pipe in the possibles bag

    A friend once had a tinsmith make him a tin container to protect his clay pipe, It was generally the shape of the pipe and had a hinged door and latch in the front. Pipe slid in thru the door. I think it was based on an original container. If so you should be able to find a reference?
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    Were knee britches the only pants worn on the frontier?

    In March 1737, notary Charles René Gaudron de Chèvremont made the post-mortem inventory of Joseph Desjourdy de Cabanac, a lieutenant in the Cies. Franches de la Marine. What is interesting in this document is that notary describes his usual wardrobe including his military dress, etc... in his...
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    Looking for a traditional worm and ball puller

    Dan Fruth makes them. D Fruth Firelocks
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    Muzzle blast magazine

    Yes it is worth it and is more than just a magazine. Been a member since '65 and currently a life member. I have all my magazine issues except one that I loaned out and never got back.
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    Short and light

    I may have once owned the type of rifle that you describe. It was an original German boar rifle. About .58 cal., very short, light weight, swamped barrel, walnut stocked with wooden patch-box, with a short length of pull, but very plain, i.e. utilitarian. Perhaps that is what you may want to...
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    Just wondering

    Those percussion gadgets won't catch on, I heard that you can not buy caps.
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    Any Roger's Rangers Reenactors here?

    If Ft. Niagara has their big F&I event this year around July 4th, go to it and see what units you might find that may be close to you. Or contact the Fort to see if they can put you in touch w/any local groups. There always seemed to be lots of little green men looking out across my sights, when...
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    Units on Ohio?

    dgfd, Did you get a satisfactory answer to your question about OH units? If not contact me. Doc S
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    Revolutionary War Ancestors

    I can identify 12 ancestors, so far, who participated in the American Revolution. My wife also has several. The SAR is not very active here so never looked into it. Doc S.
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    Flintlocks rifles, win the war
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    Langdon Towne's musket

    Fictional character and fictional musket. Is there a point here somewhere?