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    Unbreakable ramrod?

    Just broke my supposedly unbreakable RR yesterday. It is one of those Delrin RR. It was a clean break right at the length where with the barrel loaded, the break was even with the Muzzle. Surprised the heck out of me but luckily it cam out easy with a light tap on the edge of the shooting bench...
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    10ga double

    A friend of mine acquired a double barrel 10ga from an estate and is looking for information of it's origin. Not many marking on it except some small markings under the breech area. I assume they are proof markings. More photos to follow
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    I watched the movie last night. Pretty slow movie but gets better as it goes. Fact based in England in the early 1600s and the King trying to remove all aspects of the Catholic religion. He made it a treasonous offence punishable by a gruesome death. Good fight seen at the end with Matchlock rifles.
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    Fabric for patches

    I was at Jo Ann's Fabrics today with the wife and finally spotted some Drill cloth. Been wanting to try it since I heard of it. Anyway I noticed they have all utility cloth at 50% off this weekend. I don't know if it's all or just local but thought I would pass it on. I picked up 2y instead of 1.
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    accuracy issues

    I went shooting yesterday with my 36 Ranger, made by Ardesa. I've been struggling with it since I got it, trying to get decent accuracy. Each time out it seemed to do a little better. It was literally destroying patches. I started using the strongest patch I had and it helped but didn't help...
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    When I use the search function and it brings up multiple topics, when I go to a topic and then hit the back button so I can check another topic, I get the page expired warning. So then I have to start the search all over again. Is there a way or trick to going back so I don't have to do search...
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    Cleaning your Muzzle loader

    I'm just kind of curious and not directing this at anyone but I have been using Hopps#9 to clean with for about 30 years without any problems. It isn't the new Hopps#9 BP solvent and it doesn't say nitro solvent either. Just the plain old Hopps#9 solvent(petroleum based) used to clean all guns...
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    Browning my rifle

    Or adventures in browning. I finally started browning the barrel of my rifle. I was heating it with a propane torch and either I loosened the nozzle By mistake or it didn’t get a good seal. Anyway flames started around the whole top of the propane bottle. I threw it down, still burning(in the...
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    Just checking in. Haven't done too much BP shooting for awhile but hope to get into it more in the near future.