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    How much is too much

    My wife is apparently right. She has been trying for year's to tell me I have way too much muzzleloading stuff. As one of the club's I shoot with are going to have a couple woods walks coming up. They are all out of the pouch with the guns r/r. So I start gathering stuff up to be ready. Then for...
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    Has any one used hoof tar for stain.

    Hi I an thinking about trying to stain a stock black. I have thought about black leather dye. Then was reading about taring hemp rope for sailing. Then the article mentioned seaservice muskets stained black with pine tar.l do not want to ruin the stock by messing up the stock stain. Too much...
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    changing personas

    :surrender: well it has finally cone time to Chang the persona. For 30 years I tried to portray a walnut dyied long hunter as being additive to Ole Dan Boone. But after going on the end of summer family camping trip and then the air mattress leaked. And it was all I wanted to do to get up off...
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    Northeastern Primitive Rondy

    Got an e-mail last night telling me about the 2016 NMLRA Living history foundation Northeastern Primitive Rondy. Is going to be a 2 hour walk from my house.YEA HA .It is going to be in . Orrington Maine. If you are interested in coming you will only be 40 miles from lobster country Lol. Also...
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    r/b's to the pound charting

    I did a search and could not find one. Does any one have one thanks Ken
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    What to use for lube

    I just finished up a 1861navy 36 caliber kit that I bought last year it is from the 70's was never put together. What should I use for lube,on the metal parts. Thanks in advance.
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    A cool read

    Found a book at a thrif shops the other day. It is called Dixie Frontier by Everett Dick a comprehensive study of southern life before the CW. It covers south of the Ohio river from the Carolina's to Missouri. Covers from the 1750's Not a story just hits on all facets of frontier life...
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    looking for a kids gun

    Don't know if this right spot or not. What I am looking for is a production small caliber 32 36for an 8yr old. I don't know much about over the counter guns I have owned only one that I bought in 1978 things have changed a lot. I looked into having one made same money I spent on his fathers I...
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    Looking. for a pattern

    Looking for a pattern for early F&I sleved westkit would like close to being right for the time thanks
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    Where can I buy

    I need a tradidions kentucky rifle barrel new if it is possible thanks
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    CVA ?

    I just picked up a cva kit from the 70 s that was never put together But for some reason he took the breach plug out and lost it. Dose the traditions Kentucy barrel the same size . Could I use it in this kit. Thanks ps got it for 10 bucks lol If it is were can ibuy one I
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    clay smlth most

    Has anyone put a Clay smith trade gun kit together.Orseen one the kits look g ood on his site
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    Brain tan ?

    I just got a B/T deer skin as a gift. It was dye wih walnuts but not smoked and it is as hard as rawhide. Who do I get it back to soft thanks Ken
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    Looking for a source for tow

    I need a source for some GOOD tow . thanks
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    Boiled leather for sheaths

    Trying to make a boiled leather sheath for a new knife. How long/much do ya boil it. I want to do 2 sheaths 1 brain tanned elk . The other is commerical cow .
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    A new pouch for a barn gun

    Here is a pouch that I made for my new barn gun that we are putting together. It's a wool and cotton cover off an old chair I found on the side of the road. I am waiting for the pony express rider to bring some beeswax to waterproof it. the strap is some commerical leather for now.Saw this style...
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    Just a few questions ?

    After reading a lot of post here and other parts of this forum some from knowalbe people and alot of new shooters. just a quick run down on my self. Bought first m/l in 1978 now have 4 flinters an 2 percussion guns. ( still have first one) And have done most of the screw ups involed in m/l that...
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    needhelp finding barrel

    The other day I bought a cva kentucky rifle kit that was never put together at a yard sale . It is missing the barrel and breach plug. The lady said that her husband passed 10 yrs ago and this is all they found under the bench while cleaning out to move.The guys sons got everything else It is a...
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    First time lock build

    Trying to build a Siler large flint lock fror my first build . Do I fit the tumbler to the cock/hammer or the hammer to the tumbler. Thanks in advance Ken
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    Help id a c/b revolver

    I tried finding out about makers marks using search engine. What I have is an Kit that I bought a few weeks ago. A 1861 navy 36 cal. The marks on it are what looks like a coat of arms with a 5 pointed star above also a star above the letters PM. According to another post it's an 1978 due to it's...