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    Mike Brooks Type G on the blog.

    A friend just got a Brooks trade gun and sent pictures. For some reason Firefox says this site isn't secure and won't let you link from here, but you can cut and paste the address in the address bar and it will work.
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    FOR SALE For you lefties out there!! LH .54cal. flintlock.

    This is a .54cal. flintlock by Jim Fahling. The barrel is 44" swamped. It is 1" at the breech and 7/8" at the muzzle. It makes a nice light, well balanced rifle. I don't know whose barrel it is. The rifling isn't as deep as a Rice. The lock is a Chambers Siler with Robert Ray's maker's...
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    SOLD Navy Arms Buffalo Hunter **SPF**

    I have a Navy Arms Buffalo Hunter .58cal. rifle to sell. It is something that I thought I wanted at the time. Not now. The bore is like new. It has a couple of chips in the wood, but nothing bad. I had to epoxy the pressed-in key escutcheons in because the previous owner(s) didn't know...
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    A new Bokenkamp rifle shows up.

    A friend let photograph his Mark Bokenkamp rifle. There aren't many of these around. It has been in a safe for years, and needs to be documented. For some reason Google doesn't like links from this site. The link works fine from other sites. It will work...
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    Here's a Keith Vance rifle on the blog.

    It is a sort of replica of an original. There is also a link to pictures of the original rifle. My buddy's phone did something weird, and I couldn't crop the wasted space off the pictures.
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    A Bob Watts rifle to look at!!

    This is an older Robert Watts rifle. Bob was a builder in Stone Mountain, GA. Pics at my blog.
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    A Johnson City rifle to look at!!

    I recently got a fine example of the Johnson City School of rifles. It was built by Leroy Fleenor. While it isn't the most elegant rifle ever built, the abundance of finely engraved inlays really sets it off. Pics at
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    Harn rifle.

    I put a new/old rifle on the blog. One by Bob Harn. .54cal.
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    A rifle from the Knoxville TN/KY Rifle Show!!

    Here is my latest new rifle. A .54 Gahagan. More pictures(and better!) on my blog.
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    Another rifle on the blog.

    Today is a jumping day on the blog. Here is another rifle from Kentucky.
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    Here's one to slobber over.

    I posted another rifle on the blog. Pics are from a friend. I can guarantee it doesn't have "Blackpowder only. Made in Italy" on the barrel.
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    New Coykendall rifle.

    Here is Mike Brooks' version of the Coykendall rifle from the Moravian Gunmaking Book 2. The original is from the Christian springs gun shop headed by Christian Oerter. It has a 38" .54cal. C weight Rice barrel with a Larry Zorne(Mold and Gun shop) lock. More pics later. The lock is...
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    SOLD Schell .54 rifle.

    One more for the road. This one is by Joe Schell. It has a Colerain 38" C weight .54 with a Chambers Early Ketland lock. Joe forged all the metal except the pipes. I ordered the guard to be flat to the wrist for easy shooting. 13.25" LOP. $1850 shipped.
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    SOLD .58 flintlock

    Too many guns in the stable. I have a .58cal. flintlock with a 37" D weight Colerain barrel and L&R germanic lock. The builder is unknown. All the brass, except the pipes and nosecap, is engraved. Because of the excellent quality of the engraving , I think the builder had the metal done by...
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    Another deer down.

    Got another one this evening, but with a different rifle. This one is a .54 by Mike Brooks that was built in the early1990s. Once again I was playing Freecell to keep my hands still, and the doe walked out. She stopped with her front half behind a tree which gave me time to prime and cock the...
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    Finally got a Lehigh!!

    Well, I finally got a Lehigh. I always wanted one. Mostly out of curiousity and their different architecture. Mike (Brooks) had a spec gun finished, and the wife saw me looking at the pictures on the computer. She asked me if I wanted it. I say "Of course." Well, "Merry Christsmas go get...
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    Deer down.

    I let the big dog bark this evening. A spike(thought it was a doe) walked out well before dark. Bad move on his part. No tracking needed. The rifle is a .60cal. by Clay Smith. 38" barrel. Built in 1991. Bag by James Rogers. I've been trying for a deer since the weekend before...
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    SOLD Lock for sale.

    I have a percussion lock that I found in the shop. It appears to be from a Spanish or Italian gun. It works fine. The tumbler has a 3 screw bridle, fly, and sear adjustment screw. $50 shipped. Check, cash, M.O., Paypal F&F acceptable.
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    Eye candy from Mike Gahagan.

    Mike just shipped this to its new home. More pics at my blog: and Mike's Facebook page.
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    Climbing the ladder!!

    I went down to my range today and sighted in the .54 Brooks rifle I got from the Rock Island auction. After taking the lock apart and polishing it and the trigger bar internally, it was ready for a go. Pulling a load out of the air worked well. Each number is stopping to file some off the...