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    How many shoot bp only?

    Another no
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    How do you pronounce "Tryon"?

    I joined here because I had a lot of questions about my newly acquired Pedersoli. I'm managing to aquire most of my needed information through back reading but there is one question I'd like a quick answer to. How should I pronounce Tryon?
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    Really shiny Pedersoli

    Oh, someone else already knocked the new off of it. Not surprising given that its 40 years old, if I read that date code correctly. My comment referred to the specific finish that's applied to the wood. It's a bit like a shiny clear coat, almost like what Browning uses. Something a bit darker...
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    Really shiny Pedersoli

    Stock is a little bit shinier than I'd like but it should suit my purposes.
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    New percussion owner in Northern Maryland

    I used to hunt with something I'm not supposed to talk about here. Getting back into things, I went somewhat traditional (Pedersoli). I've got a lot of reading to do. Pardon my dumb questions.