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    Trends in Muzzleloading, a shift?

    I've noticed over the last few years here that the interest (gauging by the total number of posts) is trending more and more toward flint than percussion. About 2-3 years ago, Percussion to Flintlock posts ran about 2:1, and now they're 176K : 159K. Similarly the General ML'er section ran...
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    Fed Ex Smart Post

    We had a thread going on USPS and their less than stellar performance which got abandoned a few weeks ago. I can now add Fed Ex Smart Post to the list of shipping methods to avoid. I had a shipment (just a 3 pound box with a water...
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    Black Powder, Is there a shortage?

    I only buy powder and supplies every so often and shoot things other than ML'ers from time to time. I've just noticed that unmentionable powder and primers are very hard to come by, and prices are going nuts. Has that bled its' way over in to the availability of real BP? I have about 4-5...
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    Builds--Many different Schools--Why did you choose to build what you did?

    There are just SO many options to choose from. Of course, intended use dictates caliber for the most part, and method of use often dictates barrel length or target weight. But in say, a "long barreled 50" there are a zillion options. When deciding on a school or style, we all have make...
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    Rendered deer fat as patch lube

    Has anyone made some and tried using it? We hear about bear fat a fair amount, but more people shoot deer than bear. Just wondering about trying it.
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    Straight rifling

    Because rifling originally came about to make loading easier in smooth bores, as it originally existed it was straight. Then someone figured out that if it was spiraled, it would also aid ball stabilization and accuracy. But the original purpose was to make loading a fouled bore easier. We've...
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    Wire bit sizes

    Just an academic question; I understand how English bit sizes came about---X fractions of an inch. Same thing with metric sizes. But the diameters of the various wire bit sizes doesn't immediately make itself obvious. My suspicion is that it's X inches of steel wire to make a pound (or some...
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    Forum ratings; Pilgrim, 32 cal, 36 cal, 40 cal etc.

    Though this is a general question for Zonie and the moderators, I thought it might make sense to post it out in the open. Though not a ML'er question per se, it's more of a "General Interest" question about this forum. Not that it means a lot, but it was a unique feature to this forum. Prior...
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    Hygroscopic nature of BP fouling

    Gentlemen; We all know that BP residue is extremely hygroscopic in nature. It attracts moisture really fast, and the sulfur residue when combined with water and free oxygen in the atmosphere combines to create an acid which starts the rusting on our steel and iron parts right away. The more...
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    Barrel Ringing

    We all know the importance of firmly seating a ball (or shot charge) on our powder charge with BP. If you don't, the charge will burn, and the pressure from the projectile will reflect it back toward the breech and create a spike in pressure, and potentially ring a barrel. I had a newbie Boy...
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    Hot Bluing

    I've watched many You Tubes and read articles about hot bluing. All of them involve water in some way or another. Either steam or immersion and boiling. I'm curious about the bores and chambers. How do you keep the inside of the bore from rusting during the process?
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    "Most Cool" ML'er to bring in fresh faces

    At our family reunion this summer, we had a number of young people that wanted to do shooting as an activity. As the "cruise director", it was my job to stock the "buffet table" with things they might want to shoot. On the menu we had .22 revolvers, slide action .22 rifles, shotguns, semi-auto...
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    Hearing Aids and shooting

    I'm getting to the point that I'm going to be needing them. I'm sure there are more than a few members here that use them. What do you guys do with them when you shoot? Take them out or leave them in? If you just take them out and put them in your pocket, could they be damaged by the loud...
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    Shooting the original C&B revolvers

    Is there a good case to be made for shooting the originals? I have a few of them, 1851 Colt, 1849, and a 1855 Colt Revolving Carbine. I also have a couple of repro's. Though emotionally, I would like to shoot the originals, I can't bring myself to want to risk damaging them. I'm thinking...
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    Round Bottom vs. Square Bottom Rifling

    I have guns with both types of rifling. With the square bottom, it seemed very easy to find an accurate load. With the round, I'm still struggling to find it. In general, is it THAT much harder to find the right load with RB vs SB rifling? (To be fair though, my SB rifled gun is a cap gun...
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    Volume of powder

    I know we shoot our loads by volume. which is also pretty close to weight for FFg) but does anybody know how much ACTUAL volume (or maybe the correct term is displacement?) a normally loaded and compressed load takes up?? I'm trying to figure out what the actual minimum load I could load would...
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    What ML'ing gear did Santa bring you, or did you give? I got a .375" ball mould for my 38 cal Lehigh.
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    Loading / shooting multiple balls( deliberately)

    Has anyone tried loading multiple balls deliberately? (I'm not talking about a whole hat full, but just 2-3 maybe.) And I'm speaking about doing this from a rifled gun, with a PRB, not a shotgun load. I know guns are proofed that way. Some .410 shotgun shells are loaded with 3 balls. It...
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    Formula for front sight width

    Like many of you, I have many guns, and many different rear sight notch and front sight widths, along with a potpouri of barrel lengths. Some seem to be easier to use than others. It turns out, that the front sight blade width that I happen to like the best is about a 2 MOA width (or 1/4 of a...
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    Accessing PM's

    Today I tried the PM thing for the first time on the new forum. I was able to send the message to the person ok When I looked for a button regarding PM's I couldn't find one. How will I know when the person replies?