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    Traditional and accurate

    I'm thinking my next rifle to be a traditional percussion rifle but I want it to shoot as accurately as possible. I typically only shoot to about 100 yards because I'm firing a .50 ball with I think a 1:68 twist. So I need some advice on that. I imagine a tighter rifling twist is going to get me...
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    Which maker?

    I'm currently shopping for a cap and ball revolver that is stainless finish. I like the look and I know they're easier to clean. I'm hoping for 44 cal. and adjustable sites. I remember many years ago, seeing revolvers for sale that were even shinier looking than stainless. Were they once...
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    Pietta Navy Revolver Cylinder

    Hi, I wanted to buy an additional cylinder for my Pietta Navy in 44. It says on the barrel, Filli Pietti How do I know which cylinder to buy for it if I'm only able to look at pictures? I don't know specifics on what to order. I'm hoping it will be just as accurate, I just want an extra...
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    Cap and ball revolver firing bird shot

    Would it damage a cap and ball revolver to fire 7.5 or 8 shot out of it? We're seeing an unusual abundance of rattlesnakes near us and I can't find ordinary snake shot for modern revolvers lately.
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    Conical bullets in a cap and ball revolver

    Can conical rounds be used in a Navy or a Colt Walker? If so, are they more accurate? Thanks for any info, M
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    Colt Walker, Colt Navy .44's

    I have these two cap and ball revolvers. Just wondering what the thoughts are on cleaning the cylinders in a parts bath or an ultra sonic cleaner. Any suggestions or warnings? Thanks for any information, M
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    CVA Pennsylvania cap and ball .50

    I have a Connecticut Valley Arms Pennsylvania .50. Its a very long barrel. Cap and ball. I need to get the corrosion off of it. I put it away without cleaning when my uncle died. I used to go shooting with him every week with it. Then he got real sick and died. The rifle got put away dirty...
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    Getting back to shooting black powder now that I am retired

    Hello, I have recently retired and want to get back into black powder shooting. I have .44 calibre Colt Navy and Walker replica revolvers that I used to shoot a lot. I'll need to get them cleaned up again and oiled well. But I am rusty in my knowledge. I also have a Pennsylvania .50 calibre...
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    Pennsylvania percussion rifle problem

    Hello, I am just getting back into shooting after having to take a break for 2 years from an injury. I bought a Pennsylvania percussion rifle. I liked that long barrel and I was hoping for some accuracy. I fired it for the first time yesterday. It was grouping OK at 100 yards. Here is the...