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    Old DuPont can

    I have an old DuPont gunpowder can which seems to be labeled HFg. (Is that what it looks like to you? Could it be IIFg?) Can anyone tell me what size/grade that is and when it might have been used? Spence
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    shot size for turkey

    My plan for turkey hunting is to call them in close and shoot for the head with #6 shot. I've never tried a body shot on purpose. I did wind up taking one when a tom flushed before I could get lined up on his head, and I did kill him with #6. In Kentucky #4 shot is the largest allowed for...
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    turkey IQ

    Anyone who has hunted turkeys much knows that, in spite of their reputation of being hyper-cautious and smart at spotting hunters, in many ways they are stupid birds. After all, breeding a foam decoy isn't exactly a mark of intelligence. Some are smarter than others, though, and here's the...
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    humidity and the prime

    Watching a recent video explaining a fellow’s method of hunting with a flintlock, he discussed what he thought was a problem with humidity and the prime. He said he changes his prime every 15-20 minutes all day long because the prime collected moisture just from the humidity. That got me...
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    my reliable load for ball in a smoothbore

    When I first decided to try shooting roundball from a smoothbore, my 20-gauge Phillips double flintlock, I had no idea how to load them. That was in about 1992, and at that time there were few sources of BP shooting information available, no internet forums to ask questions of or test ideas. You...
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    Bogle rifle

    Is anyone familiar with the Joseph Bogle rifle? Spence
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    Why such a to-do about antlers? You can't eat 'em.

    For all of my deer hunting career I seem to have been swimming upstream against the accepted opinion as to what it’s all about. For a large percentage of hunters it’s obviously all about the antlers, but that’s a minor consideration for me. I love the hunt, the challenge of outsmarting any...
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    long term goal finally finished

    I bought a flintlock double smoothbore 30 years ago and had plans for taking all the game I normally hunt with it. I collected rabbits, squirrels, quail, doves, one groundhog, a tom turkey and one javelina, but I kept putting off a deer hunt, afraid I might hurt one. The gun shoots very small...
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    Wm. Kennedy pistol

    Years ago I bought a pistol kit from Bill Kennedy, a Richard Wilson Georgian flintlock. I also bought the recommended Queen Anne lock . Having never built a gun of any sort I soon realized the job was way above my skill level, so I sold the kit and lock. I really wanted that pistol and was very...
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    My perfect squirrel rifle

    In 1976 I bought a little .30 caliber rifle made by Louis Smith of Johnson City, Tn. I didn’t know it at the time, but I had bought what was for me the perfect squirrel rifle. The gun is representative of the late flint period, stocked with premium curly maple, slender, with a slightly Roman...
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    fast gas

    Benjamin Robins is known today as the father of ballistics and the inventor of the ballistics pendulum, the first method for determining the velocity of projectiles. He was a very talented English scientist and mathematician, interested in many things. In his book New Principles of Gunnery he...
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    Is Carbon 6 MIA?

    I haven't seen or heard from Carbon 6 in about 10 days...does anyone know about him? Spence
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    Is it up and running?

    That says it all. Spence
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    WANTED Irish shot head scoop

    In the market for the scoop portion of an Irish style shot charger. Like this: Spence
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    Bread on a stick

    I’ve noticed in several period journals that bread was very important to them, the longer they stayed out, the more so. They complain of having no bread on the trail and describe how good it was to them when they reach civilization again. There is much discussion about flour in the journals of...
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    supplies for Niverville's raiding party 1747

    This list of the supplies and equipment was brought by Niverville's raiding party of 79 men against the settlement of Number Four and points beyond on March 18, 1747. The list is in the Archives des colonies, France, Series C11A, volume 117, folios 191V to 194, National Archives of Canada...
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    Is excess powder really blown out?

    Posters in recent threads have expressed the opinion that any gun can burn only a certain amount of powder, depending on barrel length, and that if more is loaded the excess will be blown out of the barrel unburned. It is said to be possible to shoot over a sheet, collect and reuse the powder...
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    Closed thread

    Zonie closed the dugout canoe thread in the Accoutrements forum. How about moving it, instead, say to the General Reenacting Discussion forum? Spence
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    my replies aren't only my replies

    When I select 'my replies', the results seem to be everyone's recent replies, not just mine. The 'my threads' function seems to be working normally, returns only my threads. Spence
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    activity report

    How do I shut off the daily forum activity report? I didn't knowingly opt-in for that, and I don't want it. Spence