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    The Rifle Shoppe

    Hello ALL. Just thought I would pass along my most recent experience with TRS. I've ordered from them many times over the last many years and have always been satisfied with their products. Of course, their customer service can vary greatly as many of you know. It's not bad, it's just often...
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    French 1766 Musket

    Hey Guys. Look what I found !!! Looks like one of the original Mirouku muskets. The barrel is marked Navy Arms Company Ridge Field. NJ USA It's in untouched condition, still in it's original box. Not a mark on it. What a lucky find. Wonder where it's been sitting all these years ?? Rick
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    Portuguese Style Flintlock

    Hello ALL. This may not be the best Forum to post this lock. But I'll start here based on past interest from other members. If the Moderator decides to move this Thread, that's OK. Of passing interest is this turn of the 20th Century copy of a Portuguese lock. Some of you old-timers (like...
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    WANTED African Trade Lock

    Some of you old-timers (like me!) may remember when these locks were sold by DGW back in the 1960's and 70's. Turner Kirkland called them Lazerino locks. I'm have one, but looking for another. Just thought someone might have one lying around as a paperweight and would be willing to sell or...
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    Original or Modern Copy ?

    Hi Guys I would bet this pistol is one of the Japanese copies of British Tower pistols most of us are familiar with. It's being offered as an "original". It just has a used/antique type finish. From the sounds of the description, I don't think the seller even knows it's a copy. What do you...
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    Tom Curran Mainspring Vise

    Does anyone know who stocks this vise and/or where I can order same ? Thanks. Rick
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    Kariophili / Rasak Musket

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I certainly don't need anymore ham or deer sausage for a while. LOL Here is another Eastern market gun. Probably the first half of the 19th Century. I thought I would also post this one primarily to show the level of metal work and the high quality...
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    Albanian Musket

    Hello. And Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to ALL. Although it's been a strange 2020. But I'll leave that to other Threads. LOL Some of you know of my interest in Eastern type guns. So I thought I would post this one here primarily to show the high level of craftsmanship and condition...
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    New Lock Addition

    Hello ALL. For all you early lock enthusiasts, here is a new addition. 1650ish FRENCH Lock. Fowler size roughly equal to a Chamber's size English Fowler lock. Don't believe TRS even offers one this early in a French pattern. Notice the square shaped hammer screw, coffin shaped frizzen...
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    Spanish Miquelet Lock - New Addition

    For you miquelet lock buffs here is another addition to my lock collection I thought you all might like to see. I won this from the same auction as the Scandinavian lock previously posted. Nice, big miquelet lock for a Spanish fowler. Here is the original auction description: "The lockplate...
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    Brown Bess Lock ?

    Guys: Does this look like a lock from the Mirouku Brown Bess replicas ? Thanks. Rick
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    HELP Need Info from Old NRA Magazine

    Hello ALL. Here is an email I received from a collector friend: Hi Rick, "A friend gave me the catalog of the December 2012 Thos Del Mar auction catalog with the James Lavin collection for sale including the Dinelly pistol. Here are 2 mainspring vises that also sold! The listing refers to...
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    Early 17th Century Scandinavian Lock

    Hello ALL For you arcanine lock enthusiasts here is one of the more interesting, and curious locks I've seen. I won this lock (and two other different ones) in a German auction a couple months ago. It's in virtually pristine condition. Appears the frizzen has never been struck. There are two...
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    WANTED Matchlock Pistol

    Hello. Does anyone have one of these they would be interested in selling ? Have a different project in mind for it. Thanks. Rick
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    Pedersoli Kodiak Express III .58 X .58

    Hello ALL I'm a new (second-hand) owner. The gun appears to have never been fired and in almost new condition. I was searching the Internet and this Forum looking for others shooting experience, loads, bullets/balls sizes, etc. Found some good information that was posted a number of years...
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    Rawhide Lacing

    Hello ALL What's the best way to soften rawhide lacing (like boot laces) to make it more flexible ? Thanks.
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    Curious Original Italian Lock

    Hello again. Here is another new addition to my lock collection. Just received this with yesterday's mail from a collector in Portugal. How it ended up there is anyone's guess. LOL Generally referred to as a Roman lock, it has the mechanical features of this style, which never really reached...
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    Original Pre-1650 Lock Plate

    Hello All Thought I would post the latest addition to my lock collection. The seller believes this lock to be from about the second quarter of the 17th Century. And I tend to agree with his opinion. Possibly, the very early 3rd Quarter. And I believe it's origin to be English. It's about...
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    2020 Baltimore Antique Arms Show - Cancelled

    Just for your info.
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    Barrel Band Springs

    Is there a good method to remove barrel band SPRINGS from various muskets ? Thanks for any advise. Rick