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    shipping problem UPS

    Black Powder is not considered an Explosive by the ATF. The rule should not apply.
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    SOLD Lyman Plains Pistol 50 cal

    PM sent Will take it at 250 shipped
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    WANTED Need Capote

    Looking for a new fairly inexpensive Capote. Who sells them please
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    20 vs. 12 gauge for hunting

    Round ball from a 12 ga has a very arcing trajectory, I would go with 20 bore. Mine has taken deer, mule deer, and elk with no trouble
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    SOLD Traditions W. Parker of London pistol

    a few more pics please
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    The decline of .45 caliber ML single shot pistols and rifles....

    The answer is really simple. They make what people want to and will buy.
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    Joined the dry ball club today!!

    Wow, you must have just started shooting 2 hours before you posted. Most of us got in that club really really fast.
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    Newbie questions about rust/corrosion

    Your a victim of advertising. If you carefully research, a lot of the Subs say "does not corrode like black powder". They are correct. It corrodes a completely different way (different chemical process), but the results are still rusted barrels.
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    Shooting patches

    Depends on what size ball you use. Dont rely too much on what they suggest except for max powder load. you can use .440, .441.443, or what ever. Its no different than your rifles.
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    Does a RB travel with constant rotation, or accelerate?

    Yes I are using that there edvand pysical formulas. I are using it to figure how far to off sat my aimin place to alot for da turing rotatle of the erth. See ifin i wer to point ant one place and the ball goes that wa it mite have missed the place I were sindin it to. My phomuler was...
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    Does a RB travel with constant rotation, or accelerate?

    Forget it is a PRB. Any object traveling forward and rotating will slow down, period. Its a function of drag gravity. Unless an outside force acts upon the ball to accelerate it, it slows down in both rotation and velocity. The rate of deceleration in velocity is easy to measure. Just put a...
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    What constitutes a "defective gun"?

    im looking at the inlet around the trigger guard. Something with the finish on the wood looks fishy. Is it just the light, or is there finish missing? Looks older. Im thinking someone messed with that gun before.
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    Steering shot!

    Do you use powder steering or is it manual?
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    Confusion from vendor

    Most likely a liability "disclaimer". The Mfg may think that the average neophyte needs to do this to keep his ball down on top of the powder. Properly made paper carts with the right size ball you would not need to do that. My papers have a string tied between the ball and powder. Just tear...
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    What did I do wrong with GPR

    keep a small bore brush in your kit. When that happens, run the brush down into the breech clean it up then fire a cap to clear it.
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    Internet transactions, payment and shipping

    Yep I would send cash (and have) to most anyone on this board. Only scam chance I see is a guy signs up this morning and offers a 2500 flinter for 800 bucks. No that I would think twice about.
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    Internet transactions, payment and shipping

    I can steal your stuff if you use paypal. Happens all the time. Here is how. You sell me your item and I pay you via Paypal. You ship it in an 8 pound box and it gets to me in great shape. Then, I notify paypal the item is: a. not as described b. broken c. any other excuse I can find...
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    Suggest an asking price.

    $27.50 Ill take it where do I send the money?:horseback:
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    Priming the pan first

    Priming the pan first would be just plain stupid.