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    Fusiliers by Mark Urban ( eight years with the red coats in America ), is a very good read for anyone into Redcoats . :thumbsup:
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    Use of Kroil

    An old topic I know , but I know this stuff is magic at getting frozen and stuck parts apart in industry and it does say on the can for firearms .So do any of you guys in the S use this on locks etc.?
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    Jacob's Redoubt Rondy may 2015

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    Ripley White Canvas 1 & 2 -8 -15

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    Missing topic

    I just went to post photos of a very rare gun and some book burning sob has deleted the topic ,apparently someone is hell bent on stopping the enlightenment of all others :cursing:
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    200 years since Waterloo

    18-6-1815 to 18-6-2015 ,200 years since the battle of Waterloo :hatsoff:
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    SSAA State Rondy Titles

    QLD. state titles are on 16th & 17th May any ssaa members wanting to have a go pm me , they will be held at our new range .
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    CVA restock

    I have a CVA kent.. .45 percussion (regestered to me ),it is a tack driver , but looks like hc/pc for1970 so the plan is restock and remodel. Parts from original gun to be reused :- barrel ,trigger and stock end cap . NEW parts :- Pedersoli bess lock , tow bess trigger guard and butt plate ...
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    British Military Rifles 1740-1840

    Should have mentioned this one a long time ago ,another must have book from MR.BAILEY it is his usual very detailed book ,up to date and blows lots of myths clear out of the water .It will give head spin to any Anglophile , and cause sparks to fly out the backside of others . :thumbsup: :hatsoff:
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    New book

    I got as a present Waterloo by Bernard Cornwell , it is very good with lots of good maps and prints of related paintings . :thumbsup:
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    My camp and Kit

    My camp at Ripley June 2014 . Bess in full recoil with service load Clays at night
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    Things you have taught from your display etc.

    My first is about teaching a group survivalist's how to start a fire with flint ,steel and tinder . They had all used the modern type and were shocked at how quick one can get a fire going with flint and steel .
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    Suitable paint for canvas ?

    I have an old army camp stretcher that is covered with green canvas. Does anyone have an idea what type of paint would be suitable to paint the canvas white ? Eg. water base, oil base ?
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    Fake Alert

    Two Dublin Castle marked Besses have poped up on sites for sale and one has been sold despite warnings. These fakes are well done but easy to spot if you know your stuff, they are using Indian made replicas as the base for these fakes . So be well aware that more will likely follow them .
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    1777 French Muskets

    Ok this question is aimed at the students of French Muskets . The cut out on the left side of the but ,when did this mod actually start to take place ? I am well awear that the Pedersoli has this feature and that urban myth says that this was done during the 1809-1815 time frame so that younger...
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    Target loads for Zouave

    With my club building a new range Iam thinking of dragging out my Zouave and using it in some matches. It has been used mainly for blanks due to its fast barrel 1in33 , but I have read some old posts on target shooting in NZ that say using a solid base projectile can work in fast twist barrels...
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    Small Arms of the British Forces in America 1664-1815

    This book by De Witt Bailey is a very very good book for anyone with an interest in this subject and contains an absolute wealth of documented imformation on this subject. I can't recommend it enough . :thumbsup:
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    Hornblower is back on tv in Aus. channel 7two :) lots of Indian made pistols and muskets a good light watch .
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    Pedersoli Queen Anne ?

    Has any one used one of these ? What is the quality like ?COULD THEY BE MADE TO SHOOT STRAIGHT ( in the context of smoothbore ,no sights ) I have a percussion pistol that is used for serious target work and this one would be used in the not quite so formal matches etc.
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    Spence10's brownpaper wads

    Iam going to a walkin rondy in a couple of weeks and will be humping my Bess, Iplan to use it in the clay event using Spences brown paper wads and cups , maybe some balls of tow as well , so Iwill post the success or lack there of after the event , :) the greatest variable on the clays is me .