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  1. Rick Son

    WANTED Anybody have a Rogers and Spencer for sale or trade?

    Used to have one but had to sell,would like to get another one if I can afford it,don't even know what one ie worth these days,i have an Iver Johnson break top 38 dang near mint with a storage box I made for it,it is very clean all the nickel is there,ammo can still be found.I don't know if it...
  2. Rick Son


    If you would like to see some very nice builds check out
  3. Rick Son

    WANTED CVA ram rod

    Ram Rod for CVA 45 rifle also nipple,if anyone can lead me to where I can get them,thank you in advance.Good shooting and Merry Christmas to all.I tried this before and bought one hand made but it was to small around,just fell right out.Thanks your welcome to message my FB...
  4. Rick Son

    Cleaning rod and or jag

    CVA Kentucky 45,i want to replace the original rod and get one with jags and such,hickory,composite or? And where to get one,actually have a rifle that didn't have the rod and i want to clean the barrel.Now do most just use a range rod,or can you use the ramrod too.Thank you.
  5. Rick Son

    Crafting a pistol box..

    I found an old box at an antique store,i want to put a little side by 22 deringer in it with a brass tool i made for cleaning.I went and got some styrofome and want to put valour over that in the shape of the deringer so it sits down in it,is styro a good choice or what is your thoughts on...
  6. Rick Son

    Tanned buffalo

    Wanting to make a headress anyone know where i could hair off tanned buff? Enough for the project?
  7. Rick Son

    Type of horn

    Watching Bonanza the other day and seen on other good westerns you will see a big horn with silver at the tip and open end,was or is there some type of ceremonial reason for those,or the first beef sluaghtered at the ranch,if they were for drinking how were the insides treated to do so,why did...
  8. Rick Son

    Opinions or info on Colt 36

    Lets see if i can do this right.Brother in law aquired this,he thinks 70s replica but says Colt everything.Silver plated backstrap never shot,wondering about value of course and if Colt made it,just wondering about this piece.Many thanks for educated opinions!!!
  9. Rick Son

    Jukar 45

    Remember the one i painted black,well it looks different now,thanks to Randy Church..Just thought ya might like to see it,hope it's ok to post..I actually gave it to a friend and he had this done by another friend.
  10. Rick Son

    BP rifle stock question

    What are the area names on the stocks like where you set your cheek,there's the crecent butt plate,then the rest area,i was reading something the other day and it was referenced different in reference to the siteing.. )````== ?
  11. Rick Son

    Shooting system

  12. Rick Son

    Hawkin rifles

    What are the differences between an original Hawkin and our modern replicas?When i first got around this stuff i thought it was just becuase it was shorter wood.Was Hawkin the name of the inventor?Are reps better now or originals better.
  13. Rick Son

    Last of the Mohicans

    In the movie Last of the Mohicans (i know)he uses that silk for patch material,true thing,any better.or just movie stuff.
  14. Rick Son

    Seated ball?

    Old feller showed me once when ya ram the ball home,take your rod pull up a tad and lightly toss back down,if it bounces good your ball is well seated.. What say ye?
  15. Rick Son

    Ramrod won't fit

    Went to put the ramrod in and it wont go through,the screws stickin thorough the brass shafts just a tad much,can i rat tail file them boogers!??
  16. Rick Son

    Stock sanded

    Aren't ya glad i didn't say Jukar :grin: Gettin there,thanks for the help.Man that stuff was thick and being a tad cool doesn't help.
  17. Rick Son

    Brass soaker cleaner polisher??

    What do you use?Can i ask that here?I'm gettin alot of help,thank you!
  18. Rick Son

    Jukar Spain

    A friend that owns a little antique store did a little trading with me,she needed some leather, i always looked at a percussion rifle she had, and knew nothing about.She wanted 200 for it, i told here she would not get that becuase of condition and offered to take it home and redo the wood and...
  19. Rick Son

    Tent Style?

    What do you call those tents that you folks reinact with,the ones with the flap supported at front,is that a sutlers tent? Is there a place that makes small ones for my grand daughter of two,me and her have alot of fun in the house and outside and thought i would build her a little camp area out...
  20. Rick Son

    what type of horn do i have??

    Has a weird growth pattern,translucent at the widest point and has a growth like natural finger grooves. Never really seen one like this ? Thanks very much~