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    The Rifle Shoppe

    Hi Jim Yes, the Kit came with the correct Spanish miquelet lock - already assembled. Rick
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    The Rifle Shoppe

    Thanks Bruce for that info. Not aware of Dale. I'm going to first ask Brian Anderson since he already made another Spanish gun for me a couple years ago. Brian has a lot of experience building Escopedas. But I hear he is busy with other wheellock stuff lately. So thanks again for the lead...
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    The Rifle Shoppe

    UPDATE: Turns out the two top screws were securely taped in bubble wrap on the inside of the box along with the original invoice. I should have opened the other end of the box. LOL. My error on the top screws. I stand corrected. Rick
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    Matchlock on order...

    I just posted an update on the Vendors Forum. JFYI. Rick
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    The Rifle Shoppe

    Hello ALL. Here's an UPDATE: Well, the stock finally arrived. On Labor Day !! of all days. LOL Here are some pics.... My first impression is the stock cutting in some areas seem to be a bit crude compared to other (non-TRS) stocks for various guns you see today. But the barrel channel...
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    Matchlock on order...

    Hi Sam. I know :( The stock just showed up at my doorstep yesterday, Labor Day of all days. I'll post an update to my Thread in the Vendors Forum soon.
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    help with hearing problem

    Thanks for posting this Thread. Very helpful.
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    Lead or Leather to hold the flint

    I have used both successfully. But I prefer leather. Seems you have to check the top screw tightness more often with lead.
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    New Lock Addition

    Yes, I respectably second Bob's request. LOL Rick
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    The Rifle Shoppe

    Hello ALL. Just thought I would pass along my most recent experience with TRS. I've ordered from them many times over the last many years and have always been satisfied with their products. Of course, their customer service can vary greatly as many of you know. It's not bad, it's just often...
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    Pistols exchanged between Mohawk and British leaders in 1812

    You can't see the lock on the pistol on the Left. But note the one on the right, the hammer is not missing, but broke off. The hammer on the pistol on the Left is probably the same. Both possibly intentionally broke per my post above.
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    Something completely different...!

    That's a really cool idea !!! Nice job on the gun too. A "forged" lock made/re-done correctly will really spark well.
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    Pistols exchanged between Mohawk and British leaders in 1812

    I've read that it was common for two leading officers from opposing sides to make a treaty/truce with one another which could include the breaking off of pistol hammers. A sort of thing as passing a peace-pipe among each other.
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    Unfired Muzzleloaders

    I have a large trove of muzzle loading guns that I've never fired. Just never seem to find the time. BUT!! I'm retiring at the end of this year. So starting next year, I plan on burning a lot of powder and lead. LOL Hope my bank account can keep up. LOL Been following the auctions over...
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    I've never been happy with this gun...

    Great looking rifle. As I remember, back in the 1970's both Lee and Lyman made molds in .526 Back then, there were only two regular commercial barrel makers: Numrich and Douglas, with Bill Large being the only "custom" maker. My .54 Douglas barrel measured right at .540 and used a .530 ball...
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    Sad news - Zonie has passed

    Sorry to hear of Zonie's passing. He will be very much missed on this Forum. God will bless him.
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    Need some help with ID of smoothbore

    I remember these Spanish made guns back in the mid-1960's. As a teenager, a friend of mine bought one from Sears. We would shoot blank loads with it.
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    Belgian Brown Bess repair

    You might try contacting Paul Ackermann and see if he has replacement parts.
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    Stoeger arms

    The one in the photo here. I remember Dixie selling these in their catalog back in the late 1960's and early 1970's. They called it an elephant gun. LOL The barrels varied between 4 and 6 gauge. The one in the photo is one of the better ones with the one-piece lock (versus two-piece). You...
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    Help ID'ing this flintlock pistol

    Hmmmm. Best guess is that it's one of the early 19th Century Belgium pistols assembled from both new and surplus parts (then). These were often unmarked, with the exception of the occasional letter/numeral. But there should be a Belgium proof mark on the barrel. Possibly the stains on the...