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    Supplier Quality Problems

    The old saying: "they don't make them like they used to!" is as true today as when it was first said.
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    Plugging muzzle for browning

    I use beeswax coated wooden plugs. The beeswax easily coats the wood and helps with the seal.
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    I put forty five caliber barrels on both of my boys' fifty caliber kits. It can be done, if you are able to machine the breech plugs and fit the under lugs. I am a retired tool and die maker so the machining was no problem for me. It was simply wanting all of the rifles to be the same caliber...
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    Beer Can Busters of the World Unite

    While I don't shoot beer cans . I often played "cut the can" with the grandkids. We each tie a pop can from a string step back about fifteen yards and shoot the cans with the daisy red riders until one of us cuts the can into two pieces.
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    Wedge Pins falling out on a GPR - Using an Arbor Press to tighten

    I used two pieces of wood a dull chisel and a small hammer to bend mine. It doesn't take a lot of bend to do the job. An arbor press would give you more precise control. As the old Brylcream commerical said: "A little dab will do you!"
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    What's in your powder horn

    FFF kik in my rifle's horn. FF goex in the smoothbore's horn . FFFF goex in the priming horn.
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    Mainspring fitting issue

    another voice for collection of worn parts that don't fit each other.
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    Eye protection

    Since I can't see to load, much less shoot with out glasses, eye protection has never been a problem for me.
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    $4.96/100 at local wally world.
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    Using a lubed cushion wad for both PRB and shot?

    I use leather wads soaked in olive oil,then let set out to "dry"
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    nice work
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    HELP! Traditions kentucky long rifle frustrasion.

    It is just my personal opinion , but I believe the "patented Breech" that traditions uses is O.K. for percusion but a serious fault for flintlocks.
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    Lancaster rifle question

    Turner Kirkland sold many rifles over the years from various suppliers. Look for proof stamps that will tell country of origon for the barrels.
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    Forgot to wash ticking

    Try it, you'll like it!
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    Jacks Battle Powder accuracy

    While I haven't used it myself. I have shot with a man who uses nothing but Jacks battle powder, and he liked it and shot better than I did.
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    Of bacon grease

    I use animal fats that have had the salt removed. To remove the salt place the animal fat in a pan with water. 50/50 bring to a boil, let set until the fat has hardened. Pour off the water and salt. Repeat until the water does not taste salty.
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    polishing the bore ?

    I use toothpaste on a bronze bore brush to clean the oil out of new barrels, Automotive buffing compound to lap lightly pitted bores, and lapping compound and lead slugs on badly pitted bores. I have also used the scotchbrite to clean out bores that have been "seasoned".
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    Firing the ramrod down range.

    I can tell you for a fact that a ramrod fired out of the barrel will sure shake the snow off of a bush.
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    Tip for punching tissue for paper cartridges

    I make and sell punches and have always recommended using a light cardboard under the material being punched. leather, cloth, or tissue paper.
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    Some detailed info on Civil War Minies

    About forty years ago my daughter won an essay contest and the prize was a three day trip to Gettysburg. While at one of the places where they were selling items I noticed an open door to a back room where I could see two large lyman lead pots, a five gallon bucket, and a jar of muratic acid...