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    Southern Mountain Rifle

    This is the last rifle I built. I realized I didn't have a good short hunting rifle. What was I thinking? This one is a .54, with a Doc Haddaway lock. Barrel maker unknown, I just know it was made by a company in New York that usually makes modern rifle barrels. It is 26". Shoots good, and will...
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    Pennsylvania Fowler

    I thought I would put up some pictures of a Pennsylvania Fowler I did last winter. This is a 20 bore, from Chambers parts. The furniture and barrel are rust blued, the lock French Grey, and the small parts niter blued. Great round ball shooter, and great on grouse!
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    Help get lead legal for waterfowl

    I am going to throw this out for your consideration. I will be sending this to my representatives in Washington, and other hunter freindly people there. With any luck, we may be able to gain some ground on hunting. Please spread it around to people interested in BP hunting. A proposal regarding...
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    Buffalo hide saddle mochilla

    I don't know if it is kosher to put such a link here, so the moderator can trash can it if they wish. There is a buffalo hide mochilla on Ebay that horseback re-enactors would be interested in. This isn't a commercial production item, so hope it will be acceptable here. Just do a search for...
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    Metis Pipe Bag

    I'm upgrading my goods a bit, and thought I would show you a Metis pipe bag I finished up last week. It's rather late period, more buffalo hunter era, than mountain man.
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    Crow style rifle scabbard

    Here's a Crow style scabbard I finished for a customer right before Christmas, that I thought you may like to see.
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    California and other hunters, attention!

    California activists call for lead ammunition ban to aid condors By DON THOMPSON, Associated Press Writer Last Updated 7:29 am PST Sunday, December 19, 2004 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - A coalition of environmentalists, American Indians and hunters is asking regulators to issue an emergency ban on...
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    Single set triggers

    I am in need of a picture, or diagram for a single set trigger. Anyone have one?
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    Trying out the photo thingy

    Just seeing if I can figure out how to post pictures here. Lower Two Medicine Lake, Blackfeet Reservation, Montana.
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    Trying out the photo thingy

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    Lay another chunk on the fire

    Hi all, I'm a new one here, so be gentle. I see a few familiar names as I browse around, from other forums and shooting disciplines. I like most anything that goes BANG or BOOM! Shooter by choice, hunter by necessity! I live in a little cabin on Lion Mountain, in the Salish Range...