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    thoughts from you guys?

    Our season opened last Saturday. I went out for a little while in the later afternoon. As expected, I was not able to see any squirrels. I could hear them in the treetops, but with the foliage so thick, it was impossible to get a glimpse of them. The weather has been much too hot and humid...
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    Large caliber

    When and if I ever get this matchlock kit I ordered from the Rifle Shoppe, it will be in .75 caliber. I plan to strictly fire round balls with it. Should be a beast with a load to push that golf ball with.
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    New Flintlocks

    Only kit I've built that had even the remotest of instructions, was my first, my TVM Lancaster. And those were only general assembly type instructions. The ins and outs of loading, firing, and cleaning were left to the builder to figure out. Fortunately for me, I already knew what I was doing in...
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    New Flintlocks

    This is why I put no faith in "reviews" of items online. I'd imagine 9 out of 10 negative reviews of a product stem from a person who buys something, doesn't read the manual, then trashes it when they can't get it to work properly. Much easier to save face by putting the blame on the product...
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    What am I doing wrong? (Cleaning)

    We have well water here, so no chlorine. Boiling your water I think would remove a lot of the chlorine try that.
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    Pillow ticking ?

    I used to use pillow ticking right from the store unwashed. I started soaking it in plain cold water the dry out on the clothes line. It did help to make the ticking a little less stiff. However, I noticed no difference in accuracy over either method of use.
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    Using a Patch Knife.

    I use strips of uncut pillow ticking in my .54 caliber guns. As others have said, start the ball in with the short nub of the starter until the ball is just below the muzzle, then trim off the excess with a knife. Any knife will work so long as it's sharp. I use the blade from my Gerber multi...
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    Why not just use the barrel the kit comes with, or just order a different kit, one that has a barrel with round bottom rifling? To me, putting a nicer barrel on a Traditions kit is like pouring powdered sugar on a turd and expecting it to taste better if you try to eat it. Just my opinion mind.
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    Large caliber

    .54 here as well. Everybody I know has a .45 or .50. I wanted something different. Plus, I wanted a little heavier ball for deer hunting. A good hit from the .54 and the deer goes down fast.
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    Eye protection

    I wear safety glasses while at the range but not when hunting. Never have, never will.
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    Pyrodex in a Flintlock?

    If you're gonna use a kicker charge of some real black anyway, then why bother using the pyrodex at all?
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    HELP! Traditions kentucky long rifle frustrasion.

    A patent breech is one where there is a small diameter hole cut into the breech plug, that the touch hole intersects with. Basically creates a small antechamber at the breech end that fills with powder when a load is poured. It's not like a standard breech, where the breech plug is squared off...
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    Goex 4F out of Stock

    I like not having to bring a separate priming horn my with squirrel gun. I use 3fg in the pan and it goes off lightning quick.
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    HELP! Traditions kentucky long rifle frustrasion.

    You've already answered your own question. If you are using substitute powders, then that is why you are having the slow ignition. Flintlocks require real black powder to fire reliably. Pyrodex and the other substitute powders just won't do it. There's nothing wrong with your gun. It's the...
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    Should be a good squirrel season.

    Actually, not good at all. I could hear a couple squirrels in the treetops dropping acorns, but since there us so much foliage on the trees, I could not get even a glimpse of a squirrel. I did however have three does walk right past me as they enjoyed their dinner of fallen nuts. I only hung...
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    Should be a good squirrel season.

    I'm sitting in my favorite squirrel area. Had planned to get out early this morning, but you know how plans go. Anyway, I'm here now. A lot of foliage on the trees so seeing any up high is pretty much not going to happen. Good news is acorns are dropping all around me so they're bound to come...
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    Goex 4F out of Stock

    3fg has not been available any local store for a while now.
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    Poured some lead today.

    Squirrel season opens Saturday here. I got down to 9 rounds of .311 balls after my trip to the range over the weekend. So today I dug out the Lee double cavity mold, Mr. SPARKY (MAPP TORCH), my old cast iron ladle, and went to work. I melted down an old 10 ounce fishing sinker, and within about...
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    I need a recommendation for professional grade gunsmith screwdrivers

    I've got a set made by Grace I think it is. Wood handles. Plus I have another set , also made by Grace that is just one screwdriver, but comes with about a dozen interchangeable bits. They're made in USA iirc, and have not failed me yet.
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    What am I doing wrong? (Cleaning)

    I always swab the bore at the range with my alcohol/Murphys oil soap mixture, followed by an oil patch before I leave.. Then at home it's hot water with a small amount of Murphys oil soap, followed by clean hot water, then dry with patches followed by blowing warm air through the bore with an...