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    Gun Control

    Shot August 15th 2021 25 yards off hand, open sights. The load was 40 grain FFF Kik,leather over powder wad, .445 ball cast with a Dixie "hair curler" mold and .014 pillow ticking patch lubed with synthetic sperm whale oil.. Rifle was a target rifle I made in the Early 80's with a...
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    sight adjusting aid

    As a machinist, as well as shade tree gun smith , I realized there had to better way to adjust sights than "tap and file, shoot and try again". So I mounted a micrometer head to a block I made so that I could measure exactly how much I was moving my sights. Now I find it much faster and less...
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    sights for old eyes

    My eyes keep getting worse so I put a new front sight on the target rifle. I used a 1/8 thick piece of Ivory so the old eyes can see it through the buckhorn rear sight.
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    made it to rendezvous

    I made my first rendezvous of the year.All I needed was a modified walker,magnetic retrieving tool for the tent stakes, and a ""grabber" for things not made of iron or steel.It took me five hours to get the tent and rain fly up instead of the usual two I used to take , but it was worth it!
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    gun works of Oregon

    I placed my first order from them last week. I received it on Saturday. The order was complete and well packed!
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    Micky mouse hawk

    I had a friend who was always saying that my work was Micky mouse not traditional. So I made a Micky mouse hawk
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    T.C. Flint lock

    I always have had problems with My T.C. Hawken eating flints, I just ordered a "new style" cock for mine from the Gun Works in Oregon, They have a good supply of the new style cocks. From what I have heard the new style cocks are a big improvement. They were very helpful and friendly so if you...
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    Chestnut mug

    I made a mug for a man with terminal cancer from a limb of a chestnut tree that his father had planted. It definitely is a "one of a kind" since chestnut trees are long gone. It will fit right in at rendezvous.
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    I made two horns

    I made a couple of horns, one for myself and one for the grandson. I had a friend stumbling wolf scratch them since I can make horns but when I try to scratch them that is what I do "scratch them"
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    camp dinner at rendezvous

    Here is a shot of my camp with a few friends down for ham and beans with cider.The picture was taken at an Eastern primitive rendezvous.
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    sights for old eyes

    I made some sights just for old eyes. The front sight is steel with an ivory insert, the solid ivory sight kept breaking so I set it into a steel sight. The rear sight is moved out the barrel three inches.
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    Free trapper

    I portray a Rocky Mountain Free Trapper simply because when I first started to play this game money was tight and the rocky mountain free trappers had a little bit of every thing for their shelters,clothing, hawks, bows , etc. Portraying a specific revolutionary war soldier would have required a...
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    just wondering

    Reading all of the posts about trouble finding or getting black powder leaves me wondering why so many people will spend a thousand dollars or more on their guns but are reluctant to spend the cost of getting a case of black powder delivered. If stored in the dry and not subjected to high heat...
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    shipping problem UPS

    I went to ship two ramrods by UPS today. I have shipped them for over twenty years with no problems. Today the clerk asked what was in the tube, I told him two ramrods. He said they can not ship any gun parts of any kind. Tomorrow I will go to a different place and ship a two piece fishing rod!
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    Ready to Rendezvous

    It took a little modification but I am ready to get back to rendezvous. Now all I need to do is cover the metal with leather or muslin. The larger wooden wheels and skid plates I made work well in grass the original small rubber wheels did not work on grass.
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    Rendezvous hash

    Since the majority of the rendezvous I attend are week end events and we tend to pack up Sunday afternoon. I find it helpful to cook up a large breakfast / lunch so that the brazier will be cool for packing by noon. Recipe : last of your bacon, last of any other meat, last of you eggs,last of...
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    wooden handled mugs

    I scored several truck loads of maple cut offs ( one gallon of cider per truck load ) so I made some wooden handled mugs since I don'y have a large supply of antler for handles. I have often wondered if I could make a wooden handled mug on a modern lathe . They used to use "pole lathes" with...
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    Some mugs I made to pass the time

    I had some time in the shop due to not teaching due to the covid 19, So I made some mugs Not a single deer was harmed making the handles. The deer was already dead
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    Supply of material for black smiths

    This is a great year to collect mild steel for forging. The steel frames from the political signs make a great source of mild steel. Just collect them after Nov
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    Old North West territorial Rendezvous

    It is getting time for another ONWTR. This year will be at Glenco Kentucky June 23 through June 30. We have a good shooting program scheduled, Archery, knife and hawk, rifle, smoothbore, pistol, and a trap shoot as well as an "open day" to make up any shoots cancelled due to weather , or a...