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    New Argentine Wheel lock

    Many of you have seen posts by a member/gun-builder in Argentina, Prof. Ozvaldo Gatto. I ordered a completed wheel lock (lock only) from his company to complete a special order build from a reenactor/client who is in a big hurry. I figured a completed lock would cut significant time off the...
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    1650 Dutch Jacobian lock musket

    Reproducing Dutch/English Jacobian musket from New Amsterdam circa 1650-1670 from Van Rensellaer collection. Lock from TRS about 30+ years ago.Comments?
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    Miquelet blunderbus build

    I thought some on here would be interested in my 1650 Catalan miquelet blunderbus I have been working on over the past few years. It is slowly coming together. It is .77 caliber and about 30 inches over all.
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    John Buck-MusketMart?

    Don't know if this is the right place to post this--moderators: feel free to move or delete. Anyone have dealings with gunmaker John Buck of MusketMart? I have been trying to contact him for some time with no response. Has he gone out of business? Anyone else have uncompleted work they are...
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    S.E. Asian Miquelet??

    Anyone have any knowledge of the origin or age of these unusual miquletes?
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    How many of you/us belong to the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Assoiciation? If not, why not? Is there a muzzleloading shooting club within 50 miles of where you live?