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    FOR SALE Investarms Hawken

    Lowering Price to $450 Shipped/Insured
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    SOLD T/C Hawken Barrel

    Sorry, I don't. This was off my Hawken I just put a Rice company barrel on.
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    SOLD T/C Hawken Barrel

    Good Condition, Scratches on exterior, looks worse in the pics. Some rust in bore but shoots fine. No rear sight. $125 Shipped/Insured
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    FOR SALE Investarms Hawken

    Great Condition, no rust, bore is great: 50 Cal., 28", 1:48 twist., Can take more pics, just ask $480 Shipped/Insured to the lower 48
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    Clubs near Auburn, CA. ?

    Are there any ML clubs near Auburn CA. There was one called Brushy Creek Rangers, but seems they are not to active. I sent a couple emails. First one I got a response after a couple of weeks saying they are active, But second one about 3-4 weeks ago asking for info, and no response. Just looking...
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    Same here, Sent two emails through web site over the last three weeks. No response.
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    Two Feathers Ball Starter

    Just received my new ball starter. Very nice hand made item, will definitely be a repeat customer.
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    WANTED Green mountain drop in for t/c renegade

    I just talked to Jason 3 days ago and he said no on a drop in :( But agreed to make the barrel and install my plug, and I would have to do the rest. Just curious what the total was for the drop in?
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    WANTED Green mountain drop in for t/c renegade

    The Gun Works Also Rice will only do up to .45 Cal drop in, don't know why. They are making me a barrel right now for my T/C Hawken in 50 Cal. But only installing the breech plug, I have to do the rest.
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    Picked up a T/C Hawken

    I want a slow twist with deep grooves for RB
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    WANTED Lefty

    We have a lefty 54 cal. at work. First lefty I ever saw and it is nice.
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    Picked up a T/C Hawken

    I probably posted I wouldn't get another T/C Hawken. I lied 😁 It just kept staring at me at work. Anywho, today I ordered a new barrel for it from Jason at Rice barrels. 50 cal., 30", 1:66, He is going to install my new breech plug I sent him and I will do the rest. I plan on browning it. This...
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    TC Hawken barrel build

    I know it is not the original old school. However, how is it hokey? Nothing about a T/C is authentic. Small screws hold it on that you don't really see and holds it secure. Never seen one come off.
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    Shooting my Pawn Shop Find Lyman GPR in .50

    Nice! $150, you stole that rifle. I would of been running out of there too :thumb:
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    Please vote by number

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    Caps For Sale?

    Try Sportsmans Warehouse. My local one has tons of them, I was just there today. RWS and CCI
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    TC Hawken barrel build

    I also am getting ready to replace a T/C Hawken barrel. 50 Cal., 30", 1:66, .012 grooves. I have had longer barrels on the T/C's and they just don't balance as well. I am going with a Rice barrel, Jason will fit my T/C replacement plug that I got from TOW for me. After that My local smith is...